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Team USA Foil Squads Earn Four Medals in Cairo as Olympic Qualification Enters Home Stretch

02/25/2024, 1:30pm CST
By Bryan Wendell & Nicole Kirk

As Olympic qualification continues, Lee Kiefer and Jackie Dubrovich each earned podium finishes, while Team USA’s Women’s Foil and Men’s Foil squads earned gold and bronze, respectively.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — In a successful weekend for the women’s foil team, Lee Kiefer OLY and Jackie Dubrovich OLY each got to stand proudly on the podium at the Cairo World Cup. Adding to the achievements of the weekend the women’s squad took home gold in the team competition, while the men’s team secured bronze.

After an intense day, Kiefer and Dubrovich met each other in the semifinals — pitting the two Tokyo Olympics teammates against one another. In a tight 15-13 battle, Kiefer took the win to move into the gold medal match. 

For Dubrovich, earning bronze tallied her second FIE Senior medal of her career, with her other coming in the Saint-Maur (France) World Cup in December 2021.

Kiefer faced Favaretto (ITA) in the final match of the day and finished with a silver medal in a 15-13 bout. The podium finish was Kiefer’s 23rd career senior World Cup medal and 37th career medal across all senior FIE international tournaments (World Cup, Grand Prix and World Championships). 

In the team competition, the men’s foil squad took on Hong Kong, China, in the match for a bronze medal. They dominantly won the match, taking bronze. The Men’s Foil squad had already secured their spot at the 2024 Olympics, but Sunday’s result will help solidify their Olympic seeding among the top four countries in the weapon. 

The women’s foil squad confidently fenced their way to the gold medal final where they faced Italy. In a 45-33 final, Team USA took the gold. It was their third team gold in the Olympic qualifying window, matching their performances in Tbilisi, Georgia, in June 2023 and Novi Sad, Serbia, in December 2023.

In other senior FIE action this weekend, the Team USA Men’s Epee squad competed in Heidenheim, Germany, where Jonas Hansen (66th) was the top American finisher. 

Next Up

Men’s and Women’s Foil

  • Washington D.C. Grand Prix (individual events only): March 15-17

Men’s Epee

  • Budapest Grand Prix (individual events only): March 8–10

  • Tbilisi World Cup (individual and team events): March 22–24

Full Team USA Results

Women’s Foil


Gold: Lee Kiefer OLY, Jackie Dubrovich OLY, Lauren Scruggs, Maia Weintraub


Silver: Lee Kiefer OLY

Bronze: Jackie Dubrovich OLY

12th: Lauren Scruggs

19th: Maia Weintraub

31st: Delphine Devore

33rd: Zander Rhodes

44th: Jaelyn Liu

58th: Sabrina Massialas OLY

70th: Stefani Deschner

101st: Sara Taffel

104th: Katerina Lung

134th: Emily Jing

Men’s Foil


Bronze: Miles Chamley-Watson OLY, Nick Itkin OLY, Alexander Massialas OLY, Gerek Meinhardt OLY


9th: Alexander Massialas OLY

19th: Gerek Meinhardt OLY

28th: Sidarth Kumbla

33rd: Nick Itkin OLY

35th: Ethan Gassner

51st: Marcello Olivares

59th: Miles Chamley-Watson OLY

62nd: Bryce Louie

89th: Chase Emmer

95th: Jack Oursler

156th: Paul Lewis

178th: Daniel Zhang

Men’s Epee


23rd: Justin Haddad, Jonas Hansen, Yeisser Ramirez OLY, Tristan Szapary


66th: Jonas Hansen

68th: Yeisser Ramirez OLY

80th: Nicholas LAwson

89th: Kent Iyoki

93rd: Tristan Szapary

128th: Justin Haddad

129th: Omari Smoak

156th: Gary North

165th: Justin Yoo

172nd: Ariel Simmons

175th: Cooper Schumacher

282nd: Teddy Lombardo

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