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Empowering the Future: The Athena Project Spearheads Women's Leadership in Fencing

03/29/2024, 11:00am CDT
By Nicole Kirk

Highlighting the efforts of "The Athena Project," as Northwest Fencing Center and WFencing champion women's leadership in fencing

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Fencing is proud to spotlight the efforts of the Northwest Fencing Center and WFencing, who have collaborated on the creation of “The Athena Project.”

The Athena Project aims “to develop and support young women leaders in fencing.” According to the project overview “The Athena Project is intended to create and improve acceptance and support for girl & women fencers as well as women coaches by modeling teamwork, collaboration, self-management, advocacy, and competition.” 

USA Fencing’s Senior Manager for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Shannon Jolly said “I commend Northwest Fencing Center and WFencing on the work they are doing to amplify the involvement of women and young girls in the sport of fencing! This is an awesome opportunity to show women and young girls that there is a community in our sport that appreciates your contributions and champions your continued involvement.”

The Athena Project will be hosting its 2024 Summer Camp August 11th - 17th in Portland, Oregon. Space will be limited, with only 30 fencers per weapon being accepted. The camp will feature over 100 fencers, coaches and future leaders.

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