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Summer Nationals 2024, Day 9 Recap: Seven Fencers Strike Gold

07/07/2024, 8:15pm CDT
By Nicole Kirk

Eunseong Lim, Maya Golovtitser, and Youlong Lin are among the Day 9 medalists who struck gold at the USA Fencing National Championships & July Challenge, also known as Summer Nationals.

COLUMBUS, Ohio —  Hard work, strategy, and the crowd of Summer Nationals brought seven fencers to the top of the podium, and many more a successful day nine of the tournament. Each fencer had quite a crowd supporting them, watching, cheering, and bringing a great environment to fence for gold.

“Well, it hypes me up,” says Eunseong Lim (Auburn Fencing Club). 

Lim is one of seven gold medals earned on Sunday, July 7 at the USA Fencing National Championships & July Challenge, also known as Summer Nationals.

“I was excited,” he says. “And I felt so thankful for my parents and for using lots of their money for me and my coach who was coaching me for like, the whole day.”

Other than winning a national title, Lim says his favorite thing about Summer Nationals is “ I can see lots of new friends and I could try out fencing new people and I could evolve myself by fencing other people that are better than me and I don't know about.”

“Feels pretty good. It feels like my hard work has paid off,” says Maya Golovitser (South Bay Fencing Academy) when reflecting on her national title win.

The crowd at the final was cheering her on, but Golovitser was in full on focus mode, "when I'm up I don't really pay attention, I just focus,” says Golovitser. 

Golovitser fenced back to back days earning a national title and a fifth place medal. How did she do it? 

“I kind of just shut out the pain and the tiredness,” she says. Snacking in between pools and DE’s was a key to success, applesauce specifically was part of the recipe for gold.

Youlong Lin (LA International Fencing) claimed two national titles just a couple of days apart. As the crowd hyped him up for a second national title, he reflected saying he “slept and did nothing” to rest and recover for today’s national title. 

He recommended the same for anyone competing in multiple events to make it through the long days of fencing.

Day 9 Results

Y-10 Women’s Epee

Gold and 2024 National Champion: Tini Carceller (Epee Miami Fencing Club)

Silver: Vaishnavi Vijay (Academy Of Fencing Masters)

Bronze: Ifechi Olele (Elite Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Jessica Wu (Yang Fencing Club)

5th: Shannon Fu (LA International Fencing)

6th: Leah Mokretsov (New York Fencing Academy)

7th: Alice Xiong (Kaizen Academy LLC)

8th: Elizabeth Furman (Rockland Fencers Club)


Y-10 Men’s Foil

Gold and 2024 National Champion: Eunseong Lim (Auburn Fencing Club)

Silver: Leander Deseranno (Renaissance Fencing Club)

Bronze: Kevin Xian (5T Fencers Club)

Bronze: Shogun Rau (Silicon Valley Fencing Center)

5th: Charlie Tan (Plymouth/Ann Arbor Fencing Academy)

6th: Cyrus Kuang (Pegasus Sword Academy)

6th: Matthew Huynh (Fencing Sports Academy)

6th: Andrew Park (Silicon Valley Fencing Center)


Y-10 Men’s Saber

Gold and 2024 National Champion: Andrew Gu (LA Fencing Academy of Pomona)

Silver: Daniel Isayenko (Manhattan Fencing Center)

Bronze: Ian Yu (Lone Star Fencing Center)

Bronze: Caleb Yuen (LA Fencing Academy of Pomona)

5th: Ishaan Kaul (Nellya Fencers)

6th: Miguel Javier (Nevada)

7th: Sean Park (Platinum Fencing Academy)

8th: Branden Fu (South Bay Fencing Academy)


Y-12 Women’s Foil

Gold and 2024 National Champion: Chloe Sun (SoCAL Fencing Center) 

Silver: Natalie Joo (Top Fencing Club)

Bronze: Grace Feng (Tim Morehouse Fencing Club)

Bronze: Sophie Duan (Team Touche Fencing Center)

5th: Zena Park (Auburn Fencing Club)

6th: Joanna Wang (Mid-Island Fencing Academy)

7th: Alice Li (Silicon Valley Fencing Center)

8th: Aphrodite Tsimiklis (5T Fencers Club)


Division III Women’s Saber

Gold and 2024 National Champion: Maya Golovitser (South Bay Fencing Academy)

Silver: Esha Nayak (Long Island Fencing Center / Stamford Fencing Center)

Bronze: Elaine Chen (South Bay Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Isabela Barroso (Nova Fencing Club)

5th: Lauren Ong (Zeta Fencing)

6th: Jiayi Wang (South Bay Fencing Academy)

7th: Natalie Isberg (Denison University / Midwest Fencing Club)

8th: Reem Siddiqui (Renaissance Fencing Club)

Division III Men’s Epee

Gold and 2024 National Champion: Georgii Ratushnyi (Medeo Fencing Club)

Silver: Jonathan Zhao (North Shore Fencers Club)

Bronze: Steven Wu (Academy Of Fencing Masters)

Bronze: Andrew Doubov (Arena Fencing Academy LLC)

5th: Caiden Cannon (Columbus)

6th: David Bailey (Mission Fencing Center)

7th: Suyog Gowda (Northwest Fencing Center)

8th: Ian Sim (Academy Of Fencing Masters)


Division II Men’s Foil

Gold and 2024 National Champion: Youlong Lin (LA International Fencing)

Silver: Michael Kryltsov (Rain City Fencing Center)

Bronze: Michael Feng (Star Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Zack Hammer (San Francisco Fencers Club)

5th: Matthew Mejia (Space City Fencing Academy)

6th: Jacob Zhang (Precision Athletics Fencing Club)

7th: Thomas Griffith McAllister (Peter Westbrook Foundation / Fencers Club Inc.)

8th: Jacob Anderson (Massialas Foundation)

Day 9 Photos

Find all the great Day  9 photos on Facebook.

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