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Anton Piskovatskov Wins Silver, Team USA Takes Four Top-Eight Finishes at Chalons Cadet European Cup

11/29/2012, 6:14am CST
By Nicole Jomantas

On Sunday, Anton Piskovatskov claimed his first European medal on Sunday and led Team USA to four top-eight finishes.

Team USA's top-eight finishers with their coaches. Front row (L-R): Ariel Simmons, Anton Piskovatskov, Jake Raynis and Gabriel Cannaux. 


(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Fifteen-year-old Anton Piskovatskov (Houston, Texas) claimed his first European medal on Sunday and led Team USA to four top-eight finishes.

Piskovatskov and teammate Samuel Koch (San Francisco, Calif.) both went undefeated in the pools and entered the table of 128 as the top two seeds.

Piskovatskov won his bout against Dominique Frappier (LUX), 15-6, and defeated Florian Dewandeleer (BEL), 15-9, in the table of 64.

In the table of 32, Piskovatskov met his Alliance Fencing Academy teammate Ariel Simmons (Bellaire, Texas) who took the bout, 15-14.

Simmons and Jake Raynis (Chatsworth, Calif.) both finished the tables undefeated to advance directly to the quarter-finals while Piskovatskov and Gabriel Canaux (Brooklyn, N.Y.) both fenced their way through four straight repechage bouts to move into the quarters.

Piskovatskov defeated Elie Grevin (FRA), 15-12, in his final repechage bout while Canaux advanced to the quarters after a 15-13 victory over Koch.

In the quarter-finals, Piskovatskov met Simmons for the second time of the day and took the win, 15-8. Simmons placed sixth overall.

Raynis and Canaux finished sixth and eighth, respectively.

Raynis lost to Agustin Surleve (FRA), 15-9, in the quarters and Canaux dropped his bout to Enrico Bergamini (ITA), 15-14.

In the semifinals, Piskovatskov defeated Bergamini, 15-12.

Piskovatskov came within a touch of winning gold, but lost his final bout to Martin Rubes (CZE), 15-14. His silver medal finish is the best result of the Cadet European Cup season for a U.S. men’s epee fencer.

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Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Chalons Cadet Epee European Cup
1. Martin Rubes (CZE)
2. Anton Piskovatskov (Houston, Texas)
3. Augustin Surleve (FRA)
3. Enrico Bergamini (ITA)
5. Jake Raynis (Chatsworth, Calif.)
6. Ariel Simmons (Bellaire, Texas)
7. Paul Allegre (FRA)
8. Gabriel Canaux (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

9. Samuel Koch (San Francisco, Calif.)
20. Andrew Kim (Manhasset, N.Y.)
23. Daniel Small (Beaverton, Ore.)
26. Jason Xu (Prospect, Ky.)
29. Michael Popovici (Katy, Texas)
34. Adam Frank (Portland, Ore.)
35. Joshua Cole (Chappaqua, N.Y.)
38. Justin Yoo (La Verne, Calif.)
40. Brendon Yoder (Parker, Colo.)
42. Porter Hesslegrave (Los Angeles, Calif.)
44. Matthew Shlimak (Houston, Texas)
49. Harrison MacRae (Chicago, Ill.)
85. Ethan Lo (Palo Alto, Calif.)
97. Charles Horowitz (Los Angeles, Calif.)
125. Thibault Philippine (Oakland, Calif.)
130. Matthias Philippine (Oakland, Calif.)

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