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Team USA Sweeps Y10 Foil Podiums at Pan Am Youth Championships

05/29/2011, 11:26am CDT
By Nicole Jomantas

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – U.S. athletes began competition at the Pan American Youth Championships with 14 medal wins in the Y10 division in in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Team USA dominated foil divisions where the Americans swept the medals in both the boys’ and girls’ categories.

Eight-year-old Greta Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.) won gold in the division where she defeated teammate Delphine Devore (Wespoint, Conn.) in the final. Candreva was undefeated during the day after winning four straight bouts in the pools. Alexandra Park (Tarzana, Calif.) and Lauren Scruggs (Ozone Park, N.Y.) earned bronze medals.

Scruggs went on to win a second bronze medal in the girls’ saber division.

In the boys’ foil competition, members of Team USA were ranked as the top five athletes at the conclusion of the pool rounds where Marcello Olivares (Cooper City, Fla.), Lawrence Tan (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.), Jack Woods (Maplewood, N.J.) and Tyler Jacobs (Ballwin, Mo.) all emerged from the pools with undefeated records.

In the medal rounds, 10-year-old Olivares won his final bout against Jacobs to earn the gold medal. Tan and Woods both earned bronze.

One of several athletes to compete in multiple weapons at the event, Tan won a gold medal in the epee division as well where Hunter Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.) took the bronze.

The boys’ saber division included the fourth all-American final of the day where Jalen Thornley (San Mateo, Calif.) defeated Kamar Skeete (Duluthe, Ga.) to win the gold medal. Christopher Walker (Atlanta, Ga.) earned the bronze.

Competition will continue on Sunday with athletes fencing in the Y12 age division.

Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Men’s Y10 Epee
1. Lawrence Tan (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.)
2. Hector George (MEX)
3. Hunter Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.)
3. Samuel Tolentino (MEX)
5. Rodrigo Galvan (MEX)
6. Emilio Garcia (MEX)

Men’s Y10 Foil
1. Marcello Olivares (Cooper City, Fla.)
2. Tyler Jacobs (Ballwin, Mo.)
3. Lawrence Tan (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.)
3. Jack Woods (Maplewood, N.J.)
5. Joseph McKenna (Carnersville, Pa.)

6. Geoffrey Elusue (GPE)
7. Dimas Hernandez (MEX)
8. Bernard Kunz (MEX)

11. Jose Cortes (Houston, Texas)

Men’s Y10 Saber
1. Jalen Thornley (San Mateo, Calif.)
2. Kamar Skeete (Duluthe, Ga.)

3. Hector Lupercio (MEX)
3. Christopher Walker (Atlanta, Ga.)
5. Carlos Lopez (MEX)
6. Christian Mariscal (MEX)

Women’s Y10 Epee
1. Karen Hernandez (MEX)
2. Nathalie Romero (MEX)
3. Abigail Valdez (MEX)
4. Scarlet Canto (MEX)
5. Dana Rincon (MEX)

Women’s Y10 Foil
1. Greta Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.)
2. Delphine Devore (Wespoint, Conn.)
3. Alexandra Park (Tarzana, Calif.)
3. Lauren Scruggs (Ozone Park, N.Y.)

5. Anabel Acurero (VEN)
6. Lilith Escamilla (MEX)
7. Yanell Esquivel (MEX)
8. Paula Hool (MEX)

Women’s Y10 Saber
1. Cynthia Garcia (MEX)
2. Anabel Acurero (VEN)
3. Tamara Gomez (MEX)
3. Lauren Scruggs (Ozone Park, N.Y.)

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