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Board of Directors Candidate Statements

05/26/2011, 4:12am CDT
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Bill Becker

Carl Borack

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I have been involved in this sport in many various occupations because I have a great passion for fencing. I've found so much fulfillment through this sport and I love giving back to it any way I can. Over the past few years a lot of positive developments have been happening in fencing. I would like to continue my contributions to fencing and further its growth in a positive direction. We have increased our use of technology and I would like to see that continue as we modernize our sport. We have seen our sport grow and our athletes gamer success at all levels; I would like to facilitate an environment that sees these successes continue, especially at an international level. This requires us to develop a strong pathway from our youth fencers all the way to our elite fencers while keeping interest and opportunities alive for our recreational fencers as well.

Thank you for your continued support.

As a competitor, I had success in all three weapons. At the age of 19, I made my first Pan American Games Team in Epee that won a gold medal. Two years later I won the National Championships in Foil and became the youngest male to do so. In 1971, I made the final round of the National Championships in all three weapons and made the Pan Team winning a gold medal in Team Foil. I was a member of the 1972 Olympic Team (Foil).
In 1996, I was elected to the FIE Publicity and Promotion Commission and was reelected in 2000 & 2004 and served as its president during my last term. I have years of experience and knowledge of the FIE and USOC and maintain international relationships. I have also served as USFA Executive VP, and on the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Public Relations Committee, and numerous USFA High Performance or International committees.
Alan Geller
I have been involved with fencing for about 10 years, in a variety of roles: as a veteran fencer, a father and spouse of fencers, a referee, a tournament organizer, and a division officer. Outside of fencing, I've been involved in the software industry for over 30 years as a developer, manager, small business owner, and marketing manager.
My focus as a member of the board will be on improving the overall fencing experience for our customers: fencers, coaches, parents, and volunteers. Primarily I believe this is about having a customer-focused attitude. Those of us in leadership roles in USA Fencing, whether on the board, on a committee, or in the national office, need to remember who we’re working for: not just ourselves, not just the very top elite fencers, but all members. We need to make sure that we understand the impacts that a decision has on *all* of our customers, and balance the benefit to some against the cost to others. We need to ensure that decisions are made publicly and transparently, and make sure that we draw on the knowledge and experience of our members. We need to be responsible stewards, and ensure that the other parts of the organization's leadership are similarly responsible and customer-focused.
The board can impact a lot directly; even when it can’t, it can lead the way by example. I intend to help provide that example.
I ask for your vote for the Board of Directors.


Laurie Schiller
I have served on the Board of Directors for the past two years and I am excited to be nominated to return to my seat because I want to continue to contribute to the rebuilding and revitalization of USA Fencing. We have a tremendous amount of work to do to continue to straighten out our financials, support the local and international programs, and bring USA Fencing to the level it should be. To do this, it is important that we have Directors with a variety of backgrounds and expertise so that decisions are made with full information about possible impacts on the various constituencies of USA Fencing. Moreover, it is time for USA Fencing to build a stronger working partnership with collegiate fencing (NCAA and club) and the US Fencing Coaches’ Association. I am involved with all three organizations and bring to the Board expert knowledge of collegiate fencing, the USFCA, as well as the grassroots experience of having served as Vice Chair of the Illinois Division for over 20 years. Having served for 33 years as the Head Coach of Northwestern University, I have created one of the top programs in the NCAA and have served on the NCAA Fencing Committee three times. In addition, I helped found, and currently advise, the US Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs. As a member of the USFCA, I earned my Fencing Masters and currently serve as the Executive Vice President. Finally, I have served the USFA in many capacities, including being on committees, but most importantly, by working at the divisional and sectional level to host and run tournaments. If reelected to the Board, I can continue to work to bring all of these organizations together so we can all work for the betterment of fencing in the US.

John Strass
A successful Board of Directors includes members with varying backgrounds. I wish to offer my business and fencing experience to help improve the organization for the benefit of the United States Fencing Association, its members and the sport.

Strategic Plan

  • The USFA needs a long-range strategic plan that outlines the goals and direction of the organization.
  • Plans, budgets, fundraising efforts, facilities et al should conform with the strategic plan.
  • The plan should be published.USFA members and sponsors will be more inclined to support the organization if they know where it is going.

Run Like a Business

  • Every organization, whether it is for-profit or not-for-profit, needs to be run like a business in order to serve its customers.
  • The failure of USFA management to abide by this tenet was the root cause of the organization's distressed financial condition.

Customer Focused

  • A successful business knows its customers.
  • Products and services are tailored to meet the customers' needs.
  • The business model is reviewed periodically to make sure it is relevant.


  • Audit Committee Member 2008-2010
  • Disciplinary Panel Member
  • Current Member of the Membership Task Force
  • Notre Dame High School - Competed in Foil and Epee locally and Nationally
  • University of Notre Dame - 4 year starter in Epee; NCAA First Junior and Senior Year
  • Resumed Fencing in 2002
  • Earned Moniteur level coaching certification in foil and epee
  • Assistant coach to Paul Pesthy, San Antonio, TX
  • Recreational Fencer at the NY Fencers Club 

Club Director (One to be Elected)

Greg Massialas  
In the more than 40 years as a member of the USFA/AFLA, I have seen the quality of fencing grow both domestically and internationally, and the USFA BoD needs to keep up with all the individual efforts of our USFA clubs.

I ask for your vote because I hope you feel that I have the most complete fencing experiences required to help make desperately needed changes in the USFA BoD.

As a USFA club owner for 12 years, I understand the demands of starting, running a profitable and successful program, in an area lacking in strong high school and college programs. I started our program from scratch, but with a vision to create a profitable and successful model that would develop champions for the USA. In these past several years, the success of our program has brought home to the USA more World Championship Men’s Foil Gold Medals than any other program, in the history of the USFA/AFLA.

My vision is to see the USFA help develop more programs like ours, all over the USA. Not all fencers will become World Champions or Olympians, but if done right, the lessons learned by each participant in successful programs all over the USA will benefit everyone, at every level of fencing in the USA.

My background in the sport includes:

  • 3-time USA Olympian (1980,’84,’88)
  • USA National Champion several times
  • NCAA medalist and Ivy League co-Champion
  • 2008 USA Olympic fencing coach.
  • 8 World Championship Gold Medals earned by students (USA Men’s Foil record).Student won 1st Sr. World Championship Medal ever, by USA male fencer.
  • Most USFA national competition Foil Medals in past 8 years (from youth to Div I).
  • US Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA) Coach of the Year, current (2010)
  • Previous member of: USFA Fencing Officials Commission (FOC), for 16 years.
  • Int’l. referee - over 20 Gold Medal matches in World Cup and World Championships.
  • Managing Director of many successful NAC’s, RYC’s, and SYC, in the past 30 years.
  • Former President of Central Cal. Division.
  • Current member: USFA Northern California Division executive committee.
  • 3 family generations of fencers: parents, self, and children.
Jeff Salmon
My goal as a board member would be to provide a club owners perspective to board decisions. Board decisions effect the entire membership, that in-turn effects how club owners provide services to their members.

As the owner of one of the largest clubs in the country, I have the responsibility of EVERY aspect of the business: club maintenance, marketing, accounting, IT, staff development, program organization, and coaching. In business for ten years and employing five coaches, I am responsible for over 150 members ranging from recreational to elite and ages from youth to vet.

I have served as Vice-Chair for the L.I. Division and N.A. Section, which provides me with an understanding of the concerns of grass roots programs.

With constant upgrades such as video replay, real-time scoring sent to projectors and web sites, I have made Mission the premier tournament facility. Managing this facility along with my previous USFA tournament committee experience provides me with a vast tournament knowledge base.

Although not necessary for this position, I have coached at most of the Cadet/Junior World Sabre Cups over the past 3 years. As a referee, I officiated Gold Medal bouts nationally and finals of Grand-Prix World Cups and Junior World Championships.

I believe with my experience on the local, collegiate, national, and international level, owning and managing one of the largest clubs in the country provides me with the best qualifications for the position and I humbly offer my services to be the club owner USFA board member.


Volunteer Staff Director (One to be Elected) 

Bradley Baker
I’m running for re-election to the US Fencing Board of Directors and I would appreciate your vote.


  • Board member since 2003
  • National- and International-level referee
  • National-level athlete
  • Coach – Temple University, a top-10 NCAA program


  • BS in Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences (Johns Hopkins University)
  • MS candidate in Sports and Recreation Management (Temple University)


During my time on the Board I have been a consistent advocate for increased communications, transparency and accountability. Good governance requires strong communications between those making decisions and the people the decisions impact. I strive to be personally accessible through a wide variety of channels and am always willing to discuss my thoughts on topics related to fencing and USA Fencing.

While we still need to make improvements, there has been considerable progress in information flow from the higher levels of the national organization to the membership. Prior to my joining the Board in 2003 it was rare for members to see Board agenda or minutes. That improved during my first five years of service and since I became Secretary in 2008, it has become routine for agendas and draft minutes to be posted to the website shortly before and after (respectively) all Board meetings. Member input is now routinely solicited and taken into consideration during Board deliberations. Financial information, including budgets and audit reports, now appear on the website multiple times a year.

I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve on the Board. Please vote for me. Thank you.

Carla-Mae Richards
What do I bring to the USFA Board of Directors? I have more than 50 years experience with the sport on all levels and with many components of the sport – competitions, administration, planning and growth of the sport and the organization.

I have been involved with the sport of fencing as a competitor, as a club owner (Salle Richards), as owner of a fencing equipment company (Creative Sports), as a volunteer and as a full time staff member. I was hired as the first Executive Director for USFA in 1983 and remained in that position until 1996 when I became Director of Technical Programs to concentrate on working with elite athlete programs at all levels and with the national coaches in planning and implementing High Performance programs. I was team liaison for Senior, Junior and Cadet World teams and for the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Fencing Teams.

I retired in September 2004 and have remained active on the National Bout Committee. I am a member of the Tournament Committee and the Hall of Fame Committee and have been editor of the Athlete Handbook, this most recent edition with Tanya Brown.

I have been managing the national point standings this past year and am working with Rail Station company and Tanya Brown to automate the national point standings.
Mark Stasinos
My name is Mark Stasinos, father of five children, happily married and residing in Orem, Utah. I am employed as a Contract Specialist in organizing events and meetings commercial and federal business. I am running as a candidate for the Board of Directors. I have had a long career within the sport and Fencing Association. For 11 years I was Director and Head Coach for Brigham Young University as well as a club owner. Over the years I have served as Division Chair for the Inland Empire and the Utah-Southern Idaho Divisions for a total of 19 years, Pacific Northwest Section Chair for 17 years, member of the Board of Directors for over 20 years, Chairman of the Tournament Committee, former member of the Fencing Officials Commission and Certified Referee Instructor and Vice-President of the United States Fencing Association. I wish to take my experience and skills and to serve the membership in shaping responsible policies and accountability, creating open dialog with the membership and developing greater transparency for the actions of the Board and its Officers, as well as the National Office. If elected I will have an open door policy with the membership in acting as a conduit for their ideas and concerns and creating a dialog to present to the Board. I promise to serve for the betterment of our sport; it’s interests and development of our benefits to our members. I seek your vote and wish to be your representative to the Board and Association.

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