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Wheelchair Clinic During NAC E

02/20/2009, 1:34am CST
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  Sit and Fight!

          The ‘chair fencers of the USA are showcasing their talents at the Atlanta NAC and looking to spread the excitement.  Check out the opportunities for Coaches, Medical Personnel and Physical Therapists to become involved.

          A Training Camp for ‘chair athletes will be held at the fencing venue on Friday, Feb 27.  Fencers will have the opportunity to receive lessons from various coaches, and spar with Paralympians and others throughout the day.

          Training for potential ‘chair coaches will take place throughout the extended weekend.  If you would like to learn more about coaching seated athletes, please contact

          Medical Personnel, Trainers and Physical Therapists are encouraged to learn the classification procedures for fencers with disabilities.  This can help us identify potential ‘chair athletes across the country. If you are willing to learn this procedure, contact, to schedule a time.

          FencersLooking to improve your in-fighting game? Come by and spar with the ‘chair fencers.

       Referees!  Looking to improve your eyes and see more lightning quick actions?  Come and officiate some bouts during Friday's training camp.

          For more information on seated fencing in the US, check out the new website: WHEELCHAIRFENCER.ORG

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