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2013-2014 Athlete Handbook Clarification

03/10/2014, 5:30pm CDT
By Kate Reisinger

Please be advised that a revision has been made to the 2013-2014 Athlete Handbook in Appendix 2.5 - International Point Table.  In this year's Athlete Handbook, the table previously indicated a requirement of 160 competitors and a strength factor equal to at least 2.0 for points to be awarded for 33-64 results at Senior World Cup and Grand Prix tournaments.  

The requirement of 160 competitors has been removed and the requirement of a minimum strength factor of 2.0 remains the same.

Points for 33-64 results since August 1, 2013 have been reinstated in the National Rolling and Team Points Standings for Senior World Cup and Grand Prix tournaments, regardless of the field size.  

Please note that all points are awarded per the selection criteria listed in Chapters 6-11 of the Athlete Handbook. For tournaments in which the field size is small, the 40% rule still applies, per Chapter 3.3 of the Athlete Handbook.

Should you have any questions concerning the change, please contact USA Fencing at  The revised Points Standings can be found HERE.

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