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Veteran Seeding and Tiebreak Procedures for 2014-2015

09/26/2014, 6:15pm CDT
By Nicole Jomantas

The Veteran Committee and USA Fencing Sports Performance department have approved new seeding and tiebreak procedures for the 2014-2015 season.

These procedures will be in effect beginning with the December North American Cup, Dec. 5-8 in Dallas.

Veteran Age Group Seeding

The seeding policy used for age group North American Cup and National Championship events has been updated to return to the policy used for the 2012-2013 season, per the following:

A. A specified number of Ranked Fencers in each weapon in the current National Rolling Point Standings (NRPS) for a particular category shall be entitled to a seeded draw ahead of all other domestic fencers in national USFA individual competitions of that category. Seeding is only given to fencers ranked as follows; if fencers are not in attendance, lower ranked fencers do not “move up” in seeding: 


- Veteran Age Championships, NAC Top 8 in Veteran Age NRPS 


B. Other Ranked Fencers who have points in the relevant category shall be seeded ahead of all other domestic fencers with the same letter classification but behind all fencers with a higher letter classification. 


The change was made because, due to the fact that most veteran age competitions have less than 64 entries, all competing athletes earn points. Novice fencers have frequently been seeded above A-rated fencers. The seeding change which protects the top eight NRPS positions helps establish a well-balanced pool round.


NOTE: The above seeding policy applies only to veteran age group athletes, not fencers competing in the veteran open event who will still be seeded by the National Veteran Open Point standings, then by classification/year.



Tiebreak Procedure


The tiebreak procedure for selection for the Veteran World Championships has been modified for the 2014-2015 season in order to take into account situations in which an athlete may not be present for the final selection tournament – the USA Fencing National Championships.


If there is a tie in points such that not all four persons can be clearly determined as the team members or as the four alternates, then those tied on points for final determination will be decided by the following procedure. The procedure is to be followed in the order as listed below, as needed (EX: If a tie is resolved by the first factor, no further action need be taken): 


1. The person among those tied who has the highest result in any one of the three competitions counting towards Veteran World Team selection. 

2. If all those tied have the same high result, then the athlete who has the next best result among the three events counting towards Veteran World Team selection. 

3. If the persons are still tied, then a fence off in a 10-touch bout of (2) three-minute periods – held no later than 10 minutes immediately after the final competition in the event to determine the final positions in contention – will occur. 

4. If one person is not present for the fence off, the athlete who has the most recent result shall resolve the tie. 

5. If none of the persons tied for a position are present at the final competition at which selection will be accomplished, the position will be determined by either 

i. A coin toss, or 

ii. A priority generated on the finals strip – conducted immediately after the final competition in the event and under the supervision of the Bout Committee Chair and the Chair of the Veterans Committee or his / her designee. 


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