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Académie Internationale des Sciences et Techniques du Sport Athlete Scholarship

06/04/2015, 3:00pm CDT

The Académie Internationale des Sciences et Techniques du Sport (AISTS) MSA (Master of Sports Administration) is a unique 14 months international postgraduate programme in sports management, endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, and located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

According to the Bologna Education System, the AISTS MSA is a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS). MAS programmes target meeting the needs of working professionals and as such fall in the category of continuing education or professional development.

The AISTS MSA’s full denomination is Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology.

Scholarship Application deadline: 15 August 2015


The AISTS offers an international elite athlete the opportunity to study at the AISTS MSA 2015 edition through a scholarship.

The scholarship has a value of CHF 14'000 (half of the tuition fee) and will be available to a current or former athlete who has competed at international level, such as participation in the Olympic Games.

Living Costs

Candidates must fulfill all requirements for selection into the MSA programme and will need to demonstrate the capacity to support the costs of living in Lausanne (estimated at CHF 2'400 per month, including accommodation), and cost of travel to Switzerland and back to the country of residence. 

Applications will be treated confidentially. The decision of the AISTS MSA Scientific Committee is final.


In order to apply for the scholarship, you must fill out the online application form in which you will be asked to submit the following information and supporting documents: Expected financial support for all study induced expenses (incl. travel to Switzerland and back, housing, transportation and other additional cost of living). 

Examples of financial support: own earnings/savings, own assets, family (incl. spouse/partner) income, family (incl. spouse/partner) assets, next-of-kin/friends, your government, agencies & foundations, bank loan. You will be asked to specify the expected total amount of financial support for all study induced expenses during the whole AISTS MSA programme in USD.

Please note that you must provide documentation to verify your income and assets by either submitting a tax form, statement of employer or other documents (e.g. bank statement) 2)    Include supporting documentation confirming your sporting achievements Please note that you must provide documentation to verify your sporting achievements. Examples of supporting documentation could be an extract of your official results, an attestation from an NOC or IF. 3)    Include a motivation letter to your scholarship application (1 to 2 pages). This letter must be different to the motivation letter submitted with your application to the AISTS MSA. Important: Please note that the online application process cannot be paused and continued at a later stage. Therefore you will need to ensure that you have all of the supporting documents ready for submission when starting the online application process.  To be considered for the scholarship, candidates must fulfil the following application requirements:

  • Apply for the AISTS MSA 2016 programme (online application form)
  • Be a current or former international athlete
  • Proof of ability to support cost of living in Lausanne (approx. CHF 2’400 per month), and cost of travel to Switzerland and back to country of residence.

All candidates for the AISTS Athlete Scholarship must submit both applications, for the AISTS MSA 2016 programme and the scholarship, by the second application deadline on 15 August 2015.  

You will be considered for the scholarship after being successfully accepted in the programme.

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