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Team USA Sweeps Cadet Golds in Konin

10/03/2017, 8:00pm CDT
By Nicole Jomantas

Konin Cadet European Cup Champions Luke Linder and Alexis Anglade.

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – For the third straight year, Team USA swept the men’s and women’s gold medals at the Konin Saber Cadet European Cup in Poland.

Fifteen-year-olds Luke Linder (Chandler, Ariz.) and Alexis Anglade (Alpharetta, Ga.) won the men’s and women’s titles, respectively and let the Americans to a four-medal finish with 15-year-old Kamar Skeete (Duluth, Ga.) taking bronze in the men’s competition and 13-year-old Honor Johnson (Bethesda, Md.) earning silver in the women’s event behind Anglade.

For Linder, the title would be the fourth gold medal in the household as his older sister, 2016 Cadet World Team Champion Kara Linder (Chandler, Ariz.) won the three women’s gold medals in Konin from 2014-16.

Seeded eighth out of pools, Linder earned a bye into the table of 64 where he defeated Mikita Hrynkevich (BLR), 15-12.

Linder’s next two opponents were both Polish and he edged each by a 15-14 score, defeating Jakub Broniszewski and Franciszek Nowak to advance to the quarter-finals.

Tied for third out of pools, Skeete earned convincing wins in his first two direct elimination bouts, defeating Elias Hemelsoet (BEL), 15-7, and Uladzislau Shaimardanau (ROU), 15-8.

Skeete won his next bout against Lorenzo Ottaviani (ITA), 15-13, to earn a position in the quarters.

Linder and Skeete would be two of four Americans in the top eight as they would be joined by 16-year-old George Bivins III (Montclair, N.J.) and 15-year-old Nickoloz Lortkipanidze (Mt. Kisco, N.Y.) – each of which would be fencing for a first-time medal on the Cadet European Cup circuit.

Linder defeated top seed Michele Gallo (ITA), 15-10, and Skeete bested Lortkipanidze to guarantee a double medal finish for Team USA.

Bivins missed the podium by a single touch after a 15-14 loss to Giorgio Marciano (ITA).

In the semifinals, Linder took an 8-4 lead against Oleg Yuzhakov (RUS) after the first period and went on to win the bout, 15-11.

Skeete found himself at an 8-3 deficit against Giorgio Marciano (ITA), but went on a 10-3 run to pull ahead with a 13-11 lead. The Italian scored twice to tie the bout at 13. Skeete replied with a 14th touch, but Marciano answered with two more of his own, claiming the victory at 15-14.

Linder fenced Marciano in the gold medal final. After taking an 8-5 lead at the break, Linder outscored Marciano, 7-1, in the second half for a 15-6 win to take his first Cadet European Cup medal.

Anglade won a close opening bout against Valentina Churashova (RUS) at 15-12, but held her next three opponents to single digit scores. Anglade defeated Daria Gontsova (UKR), 15-8, and went on to take wins over her teammates, 15-year-olds Imogen Harrison (Portland, Ore.) and Chloe Gouhin (Blacklick, Ohio) by 15-6 and 15-7 scores, respectively to qualify for the semifinals and guarantee a podium finish.

Fencing in just her third Cadet European Cup, 13-year-old Johnson became the youngest athlete to advance to the table of 16 when she won her first two DE bouts against Maria Shumskaya (RUS) and Benedetta Taricco (ITA) by 15-7 and 15-10 scores, respectively. She held off Darya Drozd (RUS), 15-14, to qualify for the quarter-finals where Johnson defeated top-seeded Maverick Doherty (Palos Verdes Peninsula, Calif.), 15-11, to earn a position in the semifinals.

Fifteen-year-old Monir Fahri (San Francisco, Calif.) also qualified for the quarters as one of four Americans in the top eight, but fell to Oleksandra Bondar (UKR), 15-9.

Johnson fenced Bondar in the first semifinal, leading the bout, 8-6, at the half and scoring five straight to open the second period with a 13-6 lead. Bondar scored three more before Johnson closed out at 15-9.

In the second semi, Anglade dominated the first period against Mariya Zinyukhina (RUS), at 8-3, and held off a late comeback by the Russian to win the bout, 15-11.

It would be Johnson who would take an early lead in the all American final as she outscored Anglade, 8-4, in the first period. Anglade came charging back, however, and quickly tied the bout at nine in the second with a 5-1 run. Neither athlete could pull away by more than one touch and the lead was exchanged multiple times before Anglade broke away from 14-14 to score the winning touch and take gold at 15-14.

Click here for complete results. Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Konin Men’s Saber Cadet European Cup
1. Luke Linder (Chandler, Ariz.)

2. Giorgio Marciano (ITA)
3. Oleg Yuzhakov (RUS)
3. Kamar Skeete (Duluth, Ga.)
5. Michele Gallo (ITA)
6. George Bivins III (Montclair, N.J.)
7. Nickoloz Lortkipanidze (Mt. Kisco, N.Y.)
8. Alberto Nigri (ITA)

9. Aksel Fernandes (Atlanta, Ga.)
11. Robert Vidovszky (Folsom, Calif.)
13. Benjamin Levitt (Livingston, N.J.)
16. Camden Droz (Davie, Fla.)
19. Raymond Zhao (Johns Creek, Ga.)
30. Christopher Walker (Atlanta, Ga.)
31. Donghwan Park (Sacramento, Calif.)
32. Will Attig (Portland, Ore.)
33. Richard Shin (Los Angeles, Calif.)
39. Sean Moon (Needham, Mass.)
45. William Julien (Parkland, Fla.)
51. Trenton Schmitt (Granite Bay, Calif.)
52. Maxwell Greenbaum (Atlanta, Ga.)
56. Sachin Mehta (Golden, Colo.)
72. Stephen Kim (New York, N.Y.)

Konin Women’s Saber Cadet European Cup
1. Alexis Anglade (Alpharetta, Ga.)

2. Honor Johnson (Bethesda, Md.)
3. Oleksandra Bondar (UKR)
3. Mariya Zinuyukhina (RUS)
5. Maverick Doherty (Palos Verdes Peninsula, Calif.)
6. Chloe Gouhin (Blacklick, Ohio)

7. Vally Giovannelli (ITA)
8. Monir Fahri (San Francisco, Calif.)

9. Kaitlyn Becker (Gilbert, Ariz.)
11. Sidney Hirsch (Woodbridge, Conn.)
14. Aleksandra Strzalkowski (Littleton, Colo.)
15. Imogen Harrison (Portland, Ore.)
17. Ryan Jenkins (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.)
18. Morgan Jenkins (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.)
21. Rebecca Whang (Westfield, N.J.)
22. Abigale Parker (Westfield, N.J.)
31T. Keona Moya (El Dorado Hills, Calif.)
33. Mikaela Avakian (Arcadia, Calif.)
35. Stella Berman (New York City, N.Y.)
38. Anna Li (Lake Oswego, Ore.)
42. Caroline Wang (Cupertino, Calif.)
59T. Catherine Priestley (Atlanta, Ga.)
119. Pauline Rogers (Fremont, Calif.)

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