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Senior World Cup and Grand Prix Petition Process

11/29/2017, 6:15pm CST
By USA Fencing

USA Fencing has introduced a new policy regarding an athlete’s ability to obtain a petition into a Senior World Cup or Grand Prix event.

The policy, which goes into effect immediately, is available in Section 4.2.1 of the USA Fencing Athlete Handbook is as follows:  

An athlete who has represented the United States at a Senior World Championships or Olympic Games within the previous four years may petition entry into a Senior World Cup or Grand Prix competition if he or she is not eligible for selection via the traditional method (national point standings).  A petition will only be considered if the athlete was required to take time off from all qualifying competitions due to a medical condition, illness, pregnancy or military service for the six-month period preceding the petition.

At least ten days prior to the regular entry deadline of the Senior World Cup or Grand Prix in which the athlete would like to compete; the athlete must file a petition containing the following information:

  • Senior World Championship or Olympic Games competitive history
  • Reason for time off (with medical documentation)

A panel made up of the following individuals will have the authority to approve or deny a petition:

  • USA Fencing Director of Sports Performance
  • A National Weapon Coach (if the National Weapon Coach is the personal coach of the athlete involved, he or she will be required to recuse him or herself)
  • Two athletes appointed by the USA Fencing Athletes Advisory Council (from a different weapon than the athlete submitting petition)
  • A member of the USA Fencing Sports Performance Resource Team


  • Petitioning athlete must have made every reasonable effort to attend qualifying North American Cup, July Challenge or National Championship events prior to submitting a petition. 
  • An athlete may petition for selection to a maximum of three events in a twelve-month period. 
  • Petitions need not be requested consecutively (athlete can choose a maximum of three competitions within the twelve-month period).
  • The panel will consider the athlete’s competitive history and will have discretion on how many petitions to grant (to a maximum of three in a twelve-month period). 
  • An athlete granted a petition may apply for additional petitions if there is a subsequent medical condition, illness, pregnancy or military service that results in the athlete being out of qualifying competitions for a new six-month period. 

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