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USA Fencing SEMI Statement Regarding Saber Machine Timing

03/06/2018, 5:15pm CST
By USA Fencing SEMI

The USA Fencing SEMI Committee is aware of complaints on timing of machines used in some tournaments that are not using equipment leased by USA Fencing. We understand the issue to be limited to older model SG machines. We have started an investigation into the situation and, as it is very early in that investigation, we have very few facts to report at this time. However:

1. We have do not have evidence that the machines in question were not upgraded to the current software

2. There is no known software problem with these machines. The manufacturer is not aware of any actual problem and believes the machines meet the FIE rules.

3. There is a fairly wide range of tolerance permitted. For example, the lockout period:

"After a touch has been registered, a subsequent touch made by the other fencer will only be registered if it occurs within a maximum delay of 170 milliseconds (± 10 ms of tolerance)."

Similar tolerances are allowed for other timing periods. It may be that the older SG machines are at one end of the allowed tolerance and other machines are in the middle, or at the other end.

We will continue our investigation and will report any findings and recommendations we have. At this time, we have no reason to recommend that any machines marked as upgraded to current timing not be used for USA Fencing sanctioned events.

All tournament organizers are reminded that the saber timing rules that were put into place beginning with the 2016-17 season are to be utilized at all USA Fencing sanctioned tournaments. Any regional event organizer found to be in violation of these rules may be at risk of not being awarded an event in future seasons.  

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