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Team USA Looks Ahead to 2019

01/01/2019, 12:30pm CST
By Nicole Jomantas

Lee Kiefer, Nzingha Prescod, Nicole Ross and Margaret Lu won Senior World gold in women's team foil in 2018. Photo Credit: #BizziTeam

In 2018, Team USA reached new heights, winning a record six medals at the Senior World Championships with five teams placing in the top eight and 13 athletes ending the year with top-16 world rankings in their respective weapons. 

With the New Year upon us, several of Team USA’s fencers took time to reflect on their hopes and plans for 2019.

Lee Kiefer

Lee Kiefer (Lexington, Ky.), 2018 Senior World Team Champion, two-time Olympian and second year med student at the University of Kentucky

A substantial part of my life-happiness is anticipating future events. For 2019, number one on that list is getting married [to Olympic teammate Gerek Meinhardt]. It is hard to top that one! Other things that come to mind include getting better at holding my tarantula, potentially getting a haircut, and becoming more competent at palpating/talking to patients. Fencing-wise, the upcoming world cup season and Olympic qualification is going to be nuts. I aim to get stronger, do more video analysis, and be happy. 2019 will be epic.

Eli Dershwitz

Eli Dershwitz (Sherborn, Mass.), 2018 Senior World silver medalist and 2016 Olympian

What I'm most looking forward to in 2019 is finishing up my last semester of college, and transitioning into a full-time training regimen. In my last few months at Harvard, I want to do my best to help elevate my college team in my last few NCAA tournaments, as well as enjoy the last few months I have with my friends before we all graduate. After graduation, I'm really looking forward to 15 months of training full time in preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Race Imboden

Race Imboden (Brooklyn, N.Y.), 2016 Olympic team bronze medalist and three-time Senior World team silver medalist

My goals for 2019 are to continue my growth in the sport and try to help bring our team one step closer to gold in Tokyo. I want to compete consistently and intensely through qualification and to the Olympics. Big seasons are coming and I’m very excited to have another fencing year ahead of me. 

Kat Holmes

Kat Holmes (Washington, D.C.), 2018 Senior World Team Champion and 2016 Olympian

For starters, I'm looking forward to getting my MCATs over with, but, being as I'm taking the test on January 19, that would be a little sad if I didn't have anything to look forward to beyond that. J I guess what I'm looking forward to most is seeing what Team USA Women's Epee will accomplish this year! I'm so excited about where we are right now and I can't wait to keep raising the bar, and jumping right over it! 

I'm also looking forward to my sister Meredith's COLLEGE (what college?!?!) graduation and for her to move closer to me, down to NYC, to start her adult, all grow-up job! 

Daryl Homer

Daryl Homer (Bronx, N.Y.), 2016 Olympic silver medalist and 2015 Senior World silver medalist

In 2019, I'm looking forward to getting into our competition rhythm and to the beginning of Olympic qualification. These next two years are really the crux of the journey towards the games, and are perhaps the most stressful, trying, and rewarding time for us as athletes. I'm looking forward to it because it gives me a chance to test the foundation I've laid over the past two years, and adds to my character and development as a person on and off the strip. Wishing you all a happy and fulfilling New Year! 

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