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Super Youth Circuit (SYC)

About the Super Youth Circuit (SYC)

Super Youth Circuit (SYC): Youth fencers may participate in one or more Super Youth tournaments, however, only the competition where the fencer earns the most points (1 best result) will be included in the revised point standings published after the latest SYC. These competitions are one of the possible qualification paths for Youth 10 and Youth 12 events at both the March and/or USA Fencing National Championships.

SYC tournaments are open to current USA Fencing competitive members eligible to fence in Open competitions and to foreign fencers with current FIE license or proof of affiliation with their federation or a current USA Fencing competitive membership. 

After receiving the results from an SYC, the National Office will send an online survey to all participants requesting their feedback.

Format: It is understood that SYC events are run in accordance with USA Fencing rules and formats guided by the USA Fencing Staff liaison and Youth Development Committee.  Please refer to the SYC Guidelines, under "Guidelines" for more information.

The format for all SYC events must be one round of pools with 100% promoted to a Direct Elimination (DE) table.  All events must use pools of six or seven whenever possible.  In events with fewer than 11 entrants, the BC may elect to have two rounds of pools followed by 100% promoted to a DE table.  There is no fence-off for third place.  

Y10 direct elimination bouts are for 10 hits or end when two periods of three minutes, with a one-minute rest between each period, have passedThe first period ends either at the expiration of three minutes or when 5 hits are scored, whichever comes first.

Y12 direct elimination bouts are for 15 hits or end when 3 periods of three minutes, with a one-minute rest between each period have passed.

For Y14 events, direct elimination bouts are 15 touch bouts (3- 3 minute periods with a 1 minute break between). During the 1-minute breaks, ONE person, designated by the fencer (a team-mate, coach, or parent), may be on the strip with the fencer.