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Age and Classification Eligibility

The tables below reflect information for the 2024-25 season in regards to event eligibility and event groupings to earn a new classification. Fencers must be current competitive USA Fencing members in good standing to compete in competitions conducted under the auspices of the USA Fencing. 

For a fencer to compete in a specific age category competition or any "Open" level of competition conducted under the auspices of the USA Fencing at regional, divisional, or national levels, the following criteria must be met.

The fencer's birth year falls within that age bracket OR ---

If a fencer is currently, as of the entry deadline for that tournament, listed in a National age group point standing, the fencer may enter the next older age category of competition, even if that fencer is younger than allowed by the age bracket.

For categories of competitions in which criteria in addition to age must be met, the fencer must also meet those criteria by the entry deadline. There are different age eligibility criteria for the Veteran tournaments.

International competitions follow the Birth Years in Table A.

A. 2024-25 Local/Regional/National Tournaments (October NAC, November NAC, December SJCC, January NAC & Junior Olympics)

Category Code Birth Years Class
Division I DV1 Born 2011 or earlier A, B or C
Division I-A DV1A Born 2011 or earlier N/A
Division II DV2 Born 2011 or earlier C, D, E or U
Division III DV3 Born 2011 or earlier D, E or U
Parafencing PARA Born 2011 or earlier N/A
Senior Team STM Born 2011 or earlier N/A
Veteran/Veteran Team VET/VTM Born 1985 or earlier N/A
Veteran 40-49 V40 Born 1976-1985 N/A
Veteran 50-59 V50 Born 1966-1975 N/A
Veteran 60-69 V60 Born 1956-1965 N/A
Veteran 70 & Older V70 Born 1955 or earlier N/A
Veteran 80 & Older V80 Born 1945 or earlier N/A
Junior/Junior Team JNR/JTM Born 2005-2011 N/A
Cadet/Cadet Team CDT/CTM Born 2008-2011 N/A
Youth 14/Youth 14 Team Y14/Y14TM Born 2010-2013 N/A
Youth 12 Y12 Born 2012-2015 N/A
Youth 10 Y10 Born 2014-2017 N/A
Youth 8 Y8 Born 2016–2018 N/A

B. 2025 March NAC, 2025 April NAC, 2025 National Championships & July Challenge & Associated Regional & Division Qualifying Competitions Only (Post Junior OIympics)

Category Code Birth Years Class
Junior JNR Born 2006-2012 N/A
Cadet CDT Born 2009-2012 N/A