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How To Register

Tournament Registration

Beginning January 1, 2022, all attendees age 12 and older at USA Fencing national events, as well as individuals traveling to a sanctioned USA Fencing international event, must be fully and demonstrably vaccinated against COVID-19. For more information on uploading your proof of vaccination, click here

1. Locate the event you are registering for by browsing available tournaments at Filters are available to quickly sort to available tournaments meeting your criteria. Alternatively, you can find the link on each national event page on

2. Click the Sign In button on the tournament page if you are not logged in.

3. If you can have any dependent accounts, you may register multiple people under your account for the same tournament by switching between each member in the drop down and clicking the appropriate events.

4. Any event within the tournament you are eligible for will have a checkbox next to it. Click the checkbox to register for that event. Please note, for events the require qualification your current qualification status is displayed. If the event says “pending qualification,” the national office is either awaiting event or points list calculation results, or you have not yet met the qualification threshold. Regional percentage-based qualifications are calculated after all regional events are completed in early May. Those with national points will be cleared by national office staff after registering. You will show as pending qualification until then.

5. For events that require qualification, you may register for any event that displays “pending qualification.” Once registered you will be placed in pending status until cleared by the national office. It is up to the registering member to meet the qualification criteria. Event refunds only are given to those fencers who do not meet the qualification criteria by the late entry deadline. You may review the status of anyone registered for the event by clicking the “Entrants” button next to each event.

6. Once you have selected all of the events you wish to register for, click the green “review checkout” button.

7. Review the listing of events displayed on the screen, and click the “I agree” checkbox at the bottom of the page after you have review the waiver text. The green “Checkout” button will appear and you may complete your checkout.

8. Fill in your address and credit card information by clicking the “change” link under each. Your default address is pre-populated for convenience.

9. Click the place order button. Your event registration will be finalized and an email will be sent to you confirming the registration. Additionally, you may review your upcoming tournaments and your qualification status in your account profile by clicking the account icon in the upper right portion of the screen and going to “My Profile,” then clicking “Upcoming Schedule.”

Paper Entry
USA Fencing understands that special cases do arise and therefore have entry forms available. All paper entries will have a $20 processing fee.  If you registered via fax, mail or email it will take 2-3 days to process the entry and appear on the Confirmed Entrant List. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to