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Summer Nationals Registration Update

05/25/2021, 6:45pm CDT
By Kristen Henneman

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – To manage site traffic and customer service questions, registration for the USA Fencing National Championships, Junior Olympic Championships and July North American Cup will reopen this week in two waves.

Women’s Events
Wednesday, May 26
Noon EDT

Men’s Events
Thursday, May 27
Noon EDT

The regular registration deadline will remain June 23. While event caps have been assigned to each event, please note that throughout the registration period, the National Office and Tournament Committee will evaluate the potential to expand caps for individual events in which the number of qualified registrants approaches the maximum cap size. The maximum capacity for individual events is currently 320 for junior and Y14 events and 210 for all other individual events. The caps for team events will remain at 32 teams. All updates will be posted to

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. For questions on qualification or registering for the tournament, please email

Registration FAQs

1. How were the caps for the event determined? What happens if I qualify but my event is full?

The caps were set in consultation with the Tournament Committee based on a variety of factors, including historical registration data for Summer Nationals, anticipated number of qualifiers through the revised qualification pathways, and modified tournament scheduling procedures and tournament layouts to take into account health and safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the registration period, event caps will be assessed by the National Office and the Tournament Committee and contingencies have been put into place in the scheduling that if more than 210 qualified athletes register for an event, the event totals may be expanded to accommodate qualified athletes.

2. How many petition spots will be available for each event? What if an event fills up with qualified athletes?

Once a petition is approved (click here to view the process), the athlete will be eligible to enter a petition lottery. The number of spots available will be determined by the number of qualified athletes who register for an event.

Example: With a cap size of 210, if 165 athletes register for Division II women’s saber, there will be 45 spots available for petitions. If there are only 38 registered athletes with approved petitions, all athletes will gain entry into the event. Please Note: Every individual event will allow for the inclusion of petitioned athletes with the number of spots available being determined by the number of qualified athletes who register for an event.

3. How is the lottery selected?

Athletes whose petitions are approved by the review group will be able to register themselves for the lottery after receiving their approval notification. The lottery draw process for each event will be a randomized selection from the pool of fencers who have registered themselves for the respective event. Selection of athletes by the system is not based upon any specific criteria and is a fully automated random draw.

4. Why aren't fencers from the event age group given priority over younger fencers? For example, giving priority to cadet fencers for cadet events over Y14 fencers.

In the construction of the registration processes for capped national events, it is important that all eligible fencers, as defined by the Athlete Handbook, are provided with an equitable opportunity to compete as tournaments are able to resume. This includes fencers who meet the age eligibility criteria, as well as those who have earned eligibility through national points awarded in lower categories at previous events. Every fencer who is eligible to compete, but does not meet the criteria to be placed on the priority registration lists, is provided with the same opportunity to register and/or be selected through the lottery draw.

5. If fencers whose petitions are approved are not selected by the lottery for an event, will there be a waitlist?

Yes, fencers not selected by the lottery draw will be placed onto the waitlist for the event. Should spots become available in the event, fencers will be advanced from the waitlist in the order of their assigned position.

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