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USA Fencing's Cadets and Juniors Shine

12/07/2021, 2:45pm CST
By Serge Timacheff

USA Fencing Men and Women Score Medals in Junior World Cups, Junior Pan American Games

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Dec. 3-5, 2021—USA junior fencers competed in Junior World Cups in Luxembourg, Poland in all three weapons, bringing home gold, silver and bronze individual and team medals.

Luxembourg “Memorial Jean Link and Ally Doerfel” Junior Men’s and Women’s Epee World Cup. Held in Luxembourg City at the Centre National d’Escrime.

Henry Lawson, 17, won the silver junior men’s epee medal, with Russian Artem Sarkisyan taking the gold in the final match, 15-12. After winning four of his six pool bouts, in direct eliminations Lawson overcame France’s Lino Heurlin Vazquez in the semifinals, 15-7, and Sweden’s Erik Beckeman in the quarters, 15-9, to reach the finals with 198 junior men’s epeeists competing overall. USA’s Skyler Liverant took sixth place, followed by Gabriel Feinberg (11th), Kent Iyoki (15th), Justin Haddad (27th), Miles Weiss (36th), Nicholas Lawson (43rd), Lee Ryan (44th), Mark Dolgonos (67th), Maximo Zafft (69th), Thomas Whelan (75th) and Ethan Kushnerik (172nd).

There were no U.S. women participating in the junior women’s epee event.

Sosnowiec Junior Men’s and Women’s Sabre World Cup. U.S. sabre fencers earned gold and bronze in Sosnowiec, Poland with three events taking place overall: Junior women’s individual and team, and junior men’s individual sabre. The competition took place at the city’s Mosir Sports Hall.

The USA junior women’s fencers scored the gold medal in the junior women’s team sabre event, including Atara Greenbaum, Honor Johnson, Magda Skarbonkiewicz and Siobhan Sullivan, beating Italy in the finals, 45-42, out of a field of 13 teams. The USA women took out France in the semifinals, 45-30, and Romania in the quarterfinals, 45-26.

Colby Harley, 17, won the bronze medal in junior men’s sabre, losing by only a touch in the semifinals to Bulgaria’s Todor Stoychev, 15-14, who then took the silver medal in the finals against Germany’s Colin Heathcock. Harley went 5-0 in his pools, going on to beat Italy’s Lorenzo Ottaviani in the quarterfinals, 15-7. Out of the 154 men competing, USA’s Ronald Anglade took 12th place, followed by Oleksandr Kushkov (26th), Farris Hussain (42nd), Nicholas Harvey (45th), Kirk Chayevsky (50th), Samir Travers (56th), Jaden Callahan (68th), Matthew Limb (83rd), Cody Ji (84th), Matthew Linsky (93rd) and Connor Liang (147th).

In the individual junior women’s sabre event, USA’s Honor Johnson (18) aced her pools 5-0, ultimately barely missing a medal by taking fifth place and losing in the quarterfinals to Hungary’s Luca Szucs by one point, 15-14. Szucs went on to win the silver medal against her teammate, Sugar Katinka Battai, in the final. Out of 142 women competing in the event, Johnson was followed by Lola Possick (eighth place), Kaitlyn Pak (11th), Siobhan Sullivan (13th), Atara Greenbaum (24th), Magda Skarbonkiewicz (34th), Jadeyn Williams (35th), Tatiana Nazlymov (48th), Jenna Shoman (51st), Vivian Lu (53rd), Zoe Kim (58th) and Ella Greenbaum (133rd).

Leszno Junior Men’s Foil World Cup. USA’s Chase Emmer claimed a victory in Poland in junior men’s foil with USA winning the team silver. The event was organized by the “Polonia 1912” Klub Sportowy in Leszno.

Emmer scored the individual junior men’s gold against Italy’s Damiano Di Veroli, 15-5, after narrowly defeating his teammate, USA’s Daniel Zhang, 15-14, in the semifinal round. To get to the medal rounds, Zhang beat Italy’s Giulio Lombardi, 15-9, and Emmer overcame Germany’s Laurenz Rieger, 15-13, in the quarterfinals. Emmer and Zhang both went 5-0 in their pools. With 182 junior men’s foilists competing, they were followed by USA’s Edriss Ndiaye (17th), Eric Yu (20th), James Chen (21st), Brandon Li (22nd), Bryce Louie (31st), Jun Heng Liao (38th), Andrew Chung (49th), Nicholas Kim (77th), Ethan Xiao (126th) and Enoch Xiao (152nd).

The USA’s men’s foil team, including James Chen, Chase Emmer, Louie Bryce and Edriss Ndiaye took the silver medal, with France winning against them in the gold-medal round, 45-36. The U.S. boys beat Germany in the semifinal round, 45-37, and Hungary in the quarterfinals, 45-43, with 17 teams competing in all.

Junior Pan American Games. USA Fencing took two medals at the Junior Pan American Games, which were held in Yumbo, Colombia in the Valle del Cauca Department (near Cali), from December 3 – 5, at the Centro de Eventos Valle Del Pacifico.

USA’s Ethan Gassner won the bronze medal in individual junior men’s foil after beating Peru’s Joaquin Espinoza Santaria, 15-4, in the quarterfinals. In the semifinals, Argentina’s Dante Leonel Cerquetti won against Gassner, 15-10, and then went on to take the gold.

USA’s Carter Berrio took bronze in the individual junior men’s sabre event after beating Bolivia’s Carlos Fernando Chacon Urdininea in the quarterfinals, 15-12. He won the bronze medal after going out to Venezuela’s Hender Daniel Medina Cuello in the semifinals, 15-1.

Other results included Rachel Li making it to the quarterfinals in women’s foil and Joseph Wu to the same round in men’s epee.

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