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2022-23 ROC and SYC Schedule Announced

02/10/2022, 2:15pm CST
By Adam Mack

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – USA Fencing is pleased to announce the schedule for ROC and SYC events for the 2022-2023 season. 

The 2022-23 ROC and SYC schedule features events in all 6 regions and 19 states.  This schedule has also added ParaFencing for next season!

Bidding for RYC and RJCC events will open next week!

Click HERE to get more information regarding regional events.  

The calendar of ROC and SYC events can be found below!



Date Name Host State Event Region
Sep 3-5 American Challenge ROC South American Institute of Fencing FL D1A, DV2, VET 6
Sep 17-18 Rain City Div II ROC Rain City Fencing Center WA DV2 1
Sep 24-25 Neil Lazar ROC Candlewood Fencing Center CT D1A, DV2, VET 3
Sep 24-25 Duel at Dallas Div 1A/2/Vet North Texas Fencing Club TX D1A, DV2, VET 5
Oct 1-2 Remenyik Northwestern University IL D1A 2
Oct 15-16 Crescent City Open Louisiana Division LA D1A, DV2, VET 5
Oct 29-30 Boston Fencing Club ROC Boston Fencing Club MA D1A, DV2 3
Oct 29-30 BladeRunner University of California, San Diego CA D1A 4
Nov 4-6 AFM Super Regional Academy of Fencing Masters CA D1A, VET 4
Nov 12-13 Daugherty Challenge The Fencers Academy MO D1A, DV2, VET 2
Dec16-17 Southern ROC Cordale Athletic Club SC D1A, DV2, VET 6
Jan 20-22 Premier Challenge ROC Premier Fencing Club PA D1A, DV2, VET 3
Jan 28-29 Battle in Seattle Western Washington WA D1A 1
Feb 4-5 Battle of the Bay The Bay Cup CA D1A 4
Feb 4-5 Stro Memorial Fencing Institute of Texas TX VET 5
Feb 24-26 Duel of the East Coast Farrag Fencing Team PA D1A, DV2, VET 3
Feb 25-26 Seattle International Veterans Cup Salle Auriol Seattle WA VET 1
Mar 11-12 GRAFA ROC Grand Rapids Cup Grand Rapids Fencing Academy MI D1A, DV2, VET 2
Mar 25-26 Gold Finch ROC Y Fencing Club NJ D1A, PARA 3
Mar 25-26 Wang Memorial Div1A/2 ROC and RYC North Texas Fencing Club TX D1A, DV2 5
Apr 1-2 Portland ROC Northwest Fencing Center OR D1A, DV2 1
Apr 8-9 Fortune Fencing ROC Fortune Fencing Center CA D1A, DV2, VET 4
Apr 14-16 Fairfax Challenge ROC Fencing Sport Academy VA D1A, DV2, VET 6
Apr 29-30 Battle in Space City Space City Fencing Academy TX D1A, DV2, 5
Apr 29-30 Windy City ROC Windy City Fencing Center IL D1A 2
Apr 29-30 Jeff Wolfe Long Island Challenge ROC Mission Fencing Center NY D1A, DV2, 3


Date Name Host State Event Region
Sep 2-3 North Texas Round Up North Texas Fencing Club TX Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT 5
Sep 23-25 Windy City SYC Windy City Fencing Center IL Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT 2
Oct 14-17 SYC of the Rockies Denver Fencing Center CO Y10,Y12,Y14 4
Nov 4-6 AFM Super Regional Academy of Fencing Masters CA Y10,Y12,Y14 4
Nov 25-27 Cobra SYC Cobra Fencing Club NJ Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT 3
Dec 2-4 Magic City SYC Birmingham Fencing Club AL Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT 6
Dec 17-19 Austin Challenge Austin Fencers Club TX Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT 5
Jan 14-15 Capitol Clash National Fencing Foundation of Washington, D.C DC Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT 6
Feb 2-4 Cascade Clash SYC Northwest Fencing Center OR Y10,Y12,Y14 1
Marc 10-12 Ben Gutenberg SYC Rochester Fencing Club NY Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT 3
Mar 24-26 Fortune Fencing SYC Fortune Fencing Center CA Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT 4
Apr 15-16 Motor City SYC Renaissance Fencing Club MI Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT 2
May 5-7 Mission SYC Mission Fencing Center NY Y10,Y12,Y14 3

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