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2023 Junior Olympic Championships: Day 4 Recap

02/21/2023, 8:00pm CST
By Amanda Mastera

The air may be thinner in the Mile High City but the excitement was thicker during the final day of the 2023 Junior Olympics Championship


From Feb. 17–20, 2023, more than 2,000 fencers from across the country descended into the Colorado Convention Center for the 2023 Junior Olympics — even the 40-foot “blue bear” wanted to witness all the touch-by-touch fencing action.

The air may be thinner in the Mile High City but the excitement was thicker during the final day of the 2023 Junior Olympics Championship. Bringing home gold in the nail-biter cadet women’s foil final was the garden state prodigy Hailey M. Eyer (Manchen Academy of Fencing.) When asked what the most difficult part of the match was for her, Hailey said “towards the end when the scores really close, and anyone could have won. And you really just have to stay focused throughout the entire bout.” When asked how she was going to relax after her win, this national champion made it clear that she was even more focused on her training, improvement, and development.

Also reigning from the east coast, the ladies from the New York Fencing Academy became the second national champions crowned today after edging out the squad from Windy City Fencing in the Junior Women’s Epee Team showdown. Occurring simultaneously in some Junior Olympic final-to-final action was the Women’s Cadet Saber showdown on the final strip. Sophie Liu (who wasn’t even planning to fence in this event) said, “My coach and like, my parents, and my best friend like convinced me to, and I'm really glad they did, obviously, but especially in this finals bout.” We’re glad you did too Sophie!

Rounding out the final day of the 2023 Junior Olympic Championships was the Cadet Men’s Epee final, where New Jersey standout Alexander Bezrodnov (Medeo Fencing Club) went touch to touch against fellow east coaster Ian J. Goldfine (New York Fencing Academy.) Crediting his focused determination, Bezrodnov secured his gold medal status by edging out his foe, when reflecting on the final he said “The hardest part of the competition for me at least, was to keep my composure and like to keep going. Because there were times when I was down and I really needed to come back so I had to just push through and push through some more! “

That's officially a wrap at the 2023 Junior Olympics, where high altitude brought some national champion attitude. Congratulations to each and every fencer!


Day 4 Medalists

Cadet Men's Epee

Gold: Alexander Bezrodnov (Medeo Fencing Club)

Silver: Ian J. Goldfine (New York Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Sergei Kudriavtcev (Alliance Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Aiden Click (Apex Fencing Academy)

5: Reid Kokenge (Medeo Fencing Club)

6: Thomas P. Murphy (Penta Olympic Fencing Club)

7: Daiel Y. Lee (Elite Fencing Academy)

8: Karol Karnas (Fencing Center Of Chicago)


Cadet Women’s Foil

Gold: Hailey M. Eyer (Manchen Academy of Fencing)

Silver: Jaelyn A. Liu (Fencing Institute of Texas)

Bronze: Ishani S. Sood (California Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Gabrielle Grace A. Gebala (Silicon Valley Fencing Center)

5: Caterina S. Fedeli (Epic Fencing Club)

6T: Joy Zhaoyi Liu (Golubitsky Fencing Academy)

6T: Lydia Shen (Star Fencing Academy)

8: Mikayla Chusid (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy)


Cadet Women’s Saber

Gold: Sophie Liu (Capital Fencing Academy)

Silver: Natalie E. Shearer (Laguna Fencing Center)

Bronze: Hannah Lee (Boston Fencing Club)

Bronze: Charmaine G. Andres (Southern California Fencing Academy)

5: Aria F. Bevacqua (Manhattan Fencing Center)

6: Sophia I. Schiminovich (Oregon Fencing Alliance)

7: Nisha Hild (Zeta Fencing)

8: Lila Paul (Sheridan Fencing Academy)


Junior Women’s Epee Team Event

Gold: New York Fencing Academy: Mia Smotritsky, Anna M. Temiryaev, Alexandra R. Wong, and Elizabeth Zigalo.

Silver: Windy City Fencing: Syd Tyler, Katherine S. Alexandrov, and Ana Beckman

Bronze: Olympia Fencing Center: Ge Feng, Ashley Luo, Sierra Springer, and Ava S. Wade-Currie

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