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SJCC & Div II NAC, Day 2: Six More Gold Medals Awarded in Exciting Day of Fencing

06/03/2023, 9:15pm CDT
By Nicole Kirk

“There was always that energy when you step onto the [finals] strip like this is it, like I can win gold, so that's definitely gonna stick out and stick with me,” said Hailey Eyer.

RALEIGH, N.C. — Another day of fencing at the 2023 Super Junior Cadet Circuit and Division II NAC, brought out a lot more smiles as six more gold medals were awarded to the top fencers in their respective events. 

The first gold medal of the day was awarded to Silas Choi (Globus Fencing Academy) in the Junior Men’s Saber competition. Choi had competed just 24 hours earlier in a different event, and he talked about how all he needed to do was listen to his coaches to secure gold, “I was able to listen to my coach, and he was able to get me out of sticky situations.” Following the Junior Men’s Saber awards was the Junior Women’s Epee awards ceremony where Regina Lee (Swords Fencing Studio) took home gold. 

Hailey Eyer (Manchen Fencing Academy) brought home the gold medal in Cadet Women’s Foil where “it feels great to be winning gold, there are really great fencers here, so it was amazing that I was able to bring home gold.”  

“There was a change in plan from yesterday, I was just rushing all my actions, I was finishing from too far out. So, I knew when I came in today, I would obviously have to change that, and it worked. You know, the beginning of the event was a little, I was still doing the same things as yesterday. But as the event went on, I began to recognize my distance became better and I was able to hit my riposte.” 

Sela Feig (Bergen Fencing Club) said  “it was pretty tough to get here but I tried to stay mentally focused.” And she did just that, she took gold in Division II Women’s Saber. Her key to winning was “focusing on one touch at a time,” there was no letting in any other distractions.

Elliot Loiseau (Escrime Du Lac) made his fencing comeback one to remember, bringing home gold in Division II Men’s Epee. After taking some time off to focus on healing from injury, this weekend brought him the opportunity to get back on the strip. Jeidus DeSerrano (Renaissance Fencing Club) won his outing at the last NAC, but after taking a small vacation recently, he said his focus was to "keep it simple." DeSeranno did just that, and made it all the way to gold in Cadet Men’s Foil.

Full Day 2 Results

Junior Men’s Saber

Gold: Silas Choi (Globus Fencing Academy)

Silver: Maximilian P. Denner (Scarsdale Fencing Center / Fencers Club Inc.)

Bronze: Justin Miclaus (Advance Fencing And Fitness Academy)

Bronze: (Matthew Teng, Platinum Fencing Academy)

5th: Vasil V. Atanassov (Oregon Fencing Alliance)

6th: Jintao Yao

7th: Connor Woodward (Research Triangle Fencing / Nazlymov Fencing Foundation)

8th: Alex Chterental, (Dynamo Fencing Center Inc.)

Junior Women’s Epee

Gold: Regina Lee (Swords Fencing Studio)

Silver: Amelia Wu (University of California San Diego NCAA)

Bronze: Alexandra Rakhovski (New York Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Catherine A. Witter (Fencing Sports Academy, Inc.)

5th: Victoriia Doroshkevich (Fencing Center Of Chicago)

6th: Elaine Hong

7th: Ana Beckman (Windy City Fencing-Chicago)

8th: Natasha Lee (Las Vegas Fencing Academy / TeamK Fencing)

Cadet Women’s Foil

Gold: Hailey Eyer (Manchen Academy Of Fencing)

Silver: Caterina Fedeli (Epic Fencing Club / SCAD- Atlanta Fencing)

Bronze: Felice Hu

Bronze: Iris Yang (Tim Morehouse Fencing Club (Port Chester))

5th: Allison V. Chen (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy)

6th: Chloe I. Chen (Elite Fencing Club)

7th: Rachel Kim (Silicon Valley Fencing Center)

8th: Emily (Euran) Cho (V Fencing Club)

Division II Men’s Epee

Gold: Elliot Loiseau (Escrime Du Lac)

Silver: Hanning Fang

Bronze: Boden Lai (Marx Fencing Academy / Cavalier Fencing Club)

Bronze: Remi Depommier (Vivo Fencing Club)

5th: James Wallace (Fencing Club Asheville)

6th: Zakariya Ilyas (Elite Fencing Academy (VA) / Elite Fencing Academy (GA))

7th: Alexander P. Sebastian (Alliance Fencing Academy)

8th: Alexander Dao (Battle Born Fencing Club)

Cadet Men’s Foil

Gold: Jeidus Deseranno (Renaissance Fencing Club)

Silver: Eric Li (Star Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Aidan Lee (AIC Fencing Club)

Bronze: James G. Lin (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy)

5th: Justice Cullivan (Columbus Fencing And Fitness LLC)

6th: Jayden C. Hooshi (East Coast Fencing Club)

7th: Nickolas Rusadze (Tim Morehouse Fencing Club (Port Chester))

8th: Sebastian F. Elwood (Epic Fencing Club / Fencers Club Inc.)


Division II Women’s Saber

Gold: Sela Feig (Bergen Fencing Club)

Silver: Yifei Liu (Manhattan Fencing Center)

Bronze: Gabriella C. Alfarche (Texas Sabre Academy)

Bronze: Delilah Hua (Premier Fencing Academy LLC)

5th: Hannah E. Grajales (Stoccata Fencing Academy & Club)

6th: Olivia Dai (Bergen Fencing Club)

7th: Riley Crooks (Integrity Fencing Studio)

8th: Sofia L. Schaible (Tim Morehouse Fencing Club / Advance Fencing And Fitness Academy)

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