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Introducing American Fencer, the Future-Focused Evolution of American Fencing Magazine

10/19/2023, 12:00pm CDT
By Bryan Wendell

American Fencer, available for free at, is the future-focused evolution of American Fencing magazine, which printed its last copy at the end of 2022.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — When American Fencing magazine published its first issue in November 1949, a page one editorial proclaimed that the magazine’s contents would be dedicated “to the development of the sport, whether it be in hamlet or metropolis.”

Editors promised to provide a medium “whereby ideas and information from all sources can be made available to all who fence.”

Nearly three quarters of a century later, that spirit lives on in American Fencer, the new official digital publication of USA Fencing.

American Fencer, available for free at, is the future-focused evolution of American Fencing magazine, which printed its last copy at the end of 2022. 

An Exciting New Chapter

Since 1935, American Fencing magazine, along with its predecessors The Riposte, The Fencer and The American Swordsman, have been delivered to USA Fencing members as a way to announce tournament locations, share tournament results and help fencing fans follow American fencers as they traveled the world in search of medals.

Over time, technological advancements allowed USA Fencing to share that information more quickly through digital channels. Instead of patiently checking their mailbox to learn how Team USA fared at the recent World Cup, fencing fans could visit the USA Fencing website a day or two after the tournament. Later, they could follow the tournament in near-real time on our social media channels.

As these changes were taking place, American Fencing transitioned from a bimonthly publication to a quarterly one. Instead of being a source of the latest fencing news, the magazine became both a yearbook to celebrate fencing successes and a home for long-form storytelling and analysis from some of fencing’s most exciting voices.

As a fencer’s options for getting the latest news grew, so, too, did the production expenses needed to create American Fencing magazine — specifically the three P’s: paper, printing and postage.

“As the costs skyrocketed, our American Fencing staff looked at many options,” says Serge Timacheff, longtime editor of American Fencing and a renowned fencing photographer. “After speaking with many members and others, we decided an online news feed would be the best and most cost-efficient way to continue delivering unique and interesting content to you from our talented columnists and journalists.”

And so, American Fencer was born.

It’s a place where fencing fans will find thought-provoking stories that go beyond the breaking-news headlines in fencing and dive deep into issues fencers care about. And no waiting at the mailbox; American Fencer will be updated throughout the season with stories sure to interest you.

A Subtle Name Change

In preparing for this change, we also looked at the name of our official publication and decided that a small tweak was in order. Thus, American Fencing magazine became American Fencer. It’s subtle, but we felt that it makes sense because the site’s articles and stories will be about fencers and their lives — not just about the sport. 

“Many, if not most, of us identify as ‘fencers,’ and we want our content to reflect that lifestyle and personal identity,” Timacheff writes.

Timacheff says he understands that some longtime members will be disappointed with this change, but he hopes those skeptics will give the new site a chance.

“I’ve been involved with our magazine since 2002, and I know how personal some of you feel about having a print publication in your clubs,” Timacheff writes. “It’s not uncommon to find decades-old issues lying around the fencing hall. We are proud of that, and we hope to find interesting and new ways to keep USA Fencing visible and meaningful where you fence. 

“Thank you to all the dedicated American Fencing readers over the years, and please join with me as we enthusiastically present continued articles about our sport that will inspire and inform you. Watch for new content as we update the site regularly throughout the season.”

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