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USA Fencing Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with InGenius Prep

11/29/2023, 8:30am CST
By Bryan Wendell

Our new collaboration with the leader in admissions consulting is designed to empower and equip young fencers with tools for their future.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s the delicate balance confronted by every young fencer: academic pursuits vs. sporting ambitions. 

At USA Fencing, we recognize that unique challenge and want to help. That’s why we’ve embarked on an innovative partnership with InGenius Prep, a leader in educational consulting. 

This collaboration is designed to empower and equip young student-athletes with tools for their future. You’ll start seeing representatives from InGenius Prep at USA Fencing national tournaments very soon, but we wanted to give you a first look at what they offer. 

InGenius Prep boasts an all-star lineup of former admissions officers and graduate coaches, giving families a decisive edge in the college admissions process. The name of their game is personalization, and they achieve this by guiding each student through their unique landscape of top school applications — helping to demystify each step of the process.

That’s what makes InGenius Prep such a, well, ingenious partnership for USA Fencing. Many academically and athletically talented fencers have their eyes on the country’s top schools. And almost all of these schools have highly competitive admission rates. 

“InGenius Prep’s mission parallels quite nicely with ours,” says Phil Andrews, CEO of USA Fencing. “We both want to give young athletes the resources and support they need to excel academically while also pursuing their passion for fencing.”

InGenius Prep’s role extends beyond online coaching and consultation for college admissions. 

Representatives from InGenius Prep will be present at USA Fencing national tournaments, too, including the upcoming December SJCC and Division I NAC in Richmond. Fencers and their families can ask questions about navigating the challenging landscape of college admissions and how InGenius Prep can help.

“Having helped hundreds of fencers get admitted to their dream schools, we are ecstatic about this partnership with USA Fencing, and the prospect of helping the broader fencing community achieve their educational dreams” says Joel Butterly, CEO of InGenius Prep  

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