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The 2024-28 Strategic Plan: Your Complete Guide to What’s Next for USA Fencing

01/10/2024, 12:30pm CST
By Bryan Wendell

Think of the Strategic Plan as a comprehensive blueprint guiding USA Fencing through some exciting milestones ahead. But we can’t do it alone — here’s what’s inside the plan and how you play a key role.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Fencing’s all about anticipation and strategy. 

So how about we show you our next moves? We’re proud to share the USA Fencing 2024-28 Strategic Plan, which was approved by your Board of Directors at their December 2023 meeting.

Think of the Strategic Plan as a comprehensive blueprint guiding USA Fencing through some exciting milestones ahead. That includes the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics in Paris and the 2028 Games in Los Angeles — but it also covers those important moments in between, like local, regional and national tournaments and even a young fencer’s very first lesson.

If you’re expecting dozens of pages of gray text, rest easy. The Strategic Plan itself is just 10 pages long and designed to be read in 10 minutes or less. We’ve outlined exactly what we’re planning over the next four-plus years, meaning you’ll know what’s in store for USA Fencing and where we plan to invest our time and money. 

In the Strategic Plan’s introductory letter, USA Fencing CEO Phil Andrews emphasizes the plan’s inclusive beginnings and its ambitious scope. 

“This isn’t just a Strategic Plan; it’s our collective dream sketched out on paper — one that’s been shaped by voices from across our vibrant community, from our Board of Directors (who own this plan), right to our grassroots members,” he writes. “It’s about honoring our heritage and simultaneously leaping toward new heights of success and inclusion.

The Strategic Plan includes five priorities, which we’ll cover here but can be understood in greater depth in the plan itself.

Strategic Priorities: Five Areas of Focus

1. Brand Awareness & Revenue Growth

Goal: Increase visibility to drive brand value, drive new fencers to clubs and grow revenue in order to support programs and build financial stability.

Key Actions: Leverage data for brand valuation, establish new media platforms, diversify revenue streams, and foster a culture of philanthropy.

2028 Targets: 5% annual revenue growth, increased social media followers, and a significant rise in fencing's media value (making it in the top 8 among Olympic/Paralympic sports).


2. Sports Excellence

Goal: Advance fencing through competitive excellence on the field of play delivered through outstanding experiences for athletes, coaches, referees, armorers, families, cadre and spectators.

Key Actions: Streamline competition structures, enhance referee development, create educational pathways for all members, and bolster high-performance programs.

2028 Targets: Improvide membership retention by 5%, top-4 nation in medal count across FIE events, and 30% increased participation in local events.


3. Parafencing Advancement

Goal: Invest resources and implement best practices to elevate parafencing and foster belonging across the community.

Key Actions: Increase recruitment and access, implement classification structures, and promote parafencing awareness.

2028 Targets: Double parafencing athlete participation and achieve significant representation in decision-making committees.


4. Sports Growth

Goal: Increase participation and impact to drive lifelong engagement through our sport.

Key Actions: Strengthen NCAA relations, target growth in diverse communities, and foster parent engagement.

2028 Targets: Addition of NCAA programs, increased diversity in membership, and heightened parent satisfaction.


5. Organizational Effectiveness

Goal: Improve organizational capabilities to foster responsible growth, build trust with stakeholders and achieve the mission of USA Fencing.

Key Actions: Implement cost-reduction strategies, leverage technology for data-driven insights, and continue to prioritize member safety.

2028 Targets: 4-year financial surplus, reduced expenses, and 80% or higher member satisfaction rates.

Let’s Hear From You

Our Strategic Plan is a promise of a dynamic, inclusive future for fencing. It’s a comprehensive strategy to ensure that every member — from budding enthusiasts to elite athletes — can benefit from our collective pursuit of excellence. 

As we embark on this journey, we invite every member of our fencing family to engage with, contribute to, and benefit from this strategic vision. 

You can start that right now by providing feedback about the Strategic Plan directly to our Board of Directors and to USA Fencing’s staff team. Do so here.

Similarly, if you feel YOU can contribute to one or more of the strategic priorities, we want to hear from you! Click here to help USA Fencing succeed!

Together, we’ll ensure that the sport of fencing not only thrives but also resonates with a broader audience, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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