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Conductive Foil Bib Required for All USA Fencing Sanctioned Events Beginning in 2012-2013 Season

04/17/2012, 10:23am CDT
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For the 2011-2012 season, a conductive bib was required for any national event that selects a team: Div I, Junior, Cadet, Veteran 50-60, Veteran 60-70, and Veteran 70+ and Wheelchair.

After August 1, 2012 the electric bib is required for all USA Fencing-sanctioned events, at all levels (local, regional, and national).

Details are as follows: 

  • The lamé part of the bib must cover all of the bib up to a horizontal line 1.5-2 cm below the chin. 
  • The mask cord must be 30-40 cm long, and can be of any color. It may be straight, or coiled. 
  • The mask cord must be attached on the non-weapon side of the bib. 
  • For foil events that do not require an electric bib, you are allowed to tape the edge of the bib to prevent conductivity. 
  • The electrical characteristics of the bib are the same as the lame. 
  • The electrical characteristics of the mask cord are the same as the body cord. 
  • Transparent masks are prohibited. 
  • Masks with exchangeable bibs are allowed. (If the inspection mark is placed on the bib, be sure not to change out your inspection mark!) 
  • Masks with overlay bibs are available and legal. Both the overlay and the mask itself must have inspection marks though to ensure the bib has no dead spots, and the mask itself is safe.
There are no changes to rules regarding masks for epee, but notably you may NOT use a saber mask or a foil mask with electric bib in epee. The metal on the bib/mask can ground out the opponent’s tip. Transparent masks are prohibited. 

There are also no changes to rules regarding saber masks.Transparent masks are optional. 

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