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Team USA Wins 12 Medals in Y12 Divisions at Pan Am Youth Championships

05/30/2011, 5:43am CDT
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(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – U.S. athletes earned 12 medals in the Y12 age division for athletes ages 12 and younger at the Pan Am Youth Championships in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico on Sunday.

Team USA won all three medals in the girls’ saber division where Sara Cunningham (Decatur, Ga.) defeated Mary Barnett (San Clemente, Calif.) in the final bout to win gold and Veronica Czyzewski (Caldwell, N.J.) had earned the bronze.

The U.S. women also went 1-2 in the foil division where Xiao Tsai (Salt Lake City, Utah) defeated U.S. teammate Saanchi Kukadia (Manhasset, N.Y.) in the finals.

Kukadia won a second medal on Sunday in the epee competition where she took the bronze medal. Farrah Lee-Elabd (San Antonio, Texas) was the top U.S. woman in the division with a silver medal finish.

Nick Itkin (Los Angeles, Calif.) had the top finish for the U.S. men on Sunday as he won the gold medal in the foil division. Tyler Jacobs (Ballwin, Mo.) won the bronze.

In the boys’ saber, Gerardo Flores (Oakland, Calif.) advanced to the finals where he won a silver medal after a loss to Irving Hernandez (MEX). Ten-year-old Jalen Thornley (San Mateo, Calif.) followed his gold medal win in the Y10 division on Saturday with a bronze medal finish on Sunday.

Aidan Antekeier (Houston, Texas) won Team USA’s only medal in the boys’ epee division where he finished third overall.

Competition continues on Monday with the Y14 divisions.

Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Boys’ Y12 Epee
1. Luidgi Midelton (GPE)
2. Gustavo Alarcon (CHI)
3. Aidan Antekeier (Houston, Texas)
3. Hernan Andres Coral (COL)
5. Guillermo Haghenbeck (MEX)
6. Luis Adrian Nieves (PUR)
7. Hunter Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.)
8. Raul Flores (MEX)

11. Wolfe Crouse (Conroe, Texas)

19. Lawrence Tan (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.)

Boys’ Y12 Foil
1. Nick Itkin (Los Angeles, Calif.)
2. Leonardo Casillas (MEX)
3. Gustavo Alarcon (CHI)
3. Tyler Jacobs (Ballwin, Mo.)
5. Jack Woods (Maplewood, N.J.)
6. Jehleel Delorme (GPE)
7. Bernardo Sanchotene (BRA)
8. Marcello Olivares (Cooper City, Fla.)

18. Lance Tan (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.)
26. Jose Cortes (Houston, Texas)

Boys’ Y12 Saber
1. Irving Hernandez (MEX)
2. Gerardo Flores (Oakland, Calif.)
3. Fernando Romero (MEX)
3. Jalen Thornley (San Mateo, Calif.)
5. Kamar Skeete (Duluth, Ga.)
6. Antonio Covarrubias (MEX)
7. Santiago Rivero (MEX)
8. Enrique Diaz (MEX)

10. Jared Quinton (Colonia, N.J.)
12. Zachary Johnson (Mission Viejo, Calif.)

Girls’ Y12 Epee
1. Frania Tejeda (MEX)
2. Farrah Lee-Elabd (San Antonio, Texas)
3. Saanchi Kukadia (Manhasset, N.Y.)

3. Elizabeth Medina (MEX)
5. Daniela Galaz (MEX)
6. Julia Calva (MEX)
7. Abigail Valdez (MEX)
8. Memma Parra (MEX)

Girls’ Y12 Foil
1. Xiao Tsai (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Saanchi Kukadia (Manhasset, N.Y.)
3. Lydia Yvette Casillas (MEX)
3. Alondra Rebolledo (MEX)
5. Mariana Nelz (BRA)
6. Juliette Baduel (MEX)
7. Alexandra Park (Tarzana, Calif.)
8. Daniela Rodriguez (MEX)

10. Delphine Devore (Wespoint, Conn.)
15. Greta Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.)

Girls’ Y12 Saber
1. Sara Cunningham (Decatur, Ga.)
2. Mary Barnett (San Clemente, Calif.)
3. Veronica Czyzewski (Caldwell, N.J.)
3. Mayela Munoz (MEX)
5. Eva Hinds (Oregon City, Ore.)
6. Brenda Ivana Perez
7. Diana Anguiano (MEX)
8. Katherine Halicki (Colona, N.J.)

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