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Ryan Estep and Joey Brinson Place in Top 16 at Lonato Wheelchair World Cup

05/26/2011, 11:40am CDT
By USA Fencing

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Ryan Estep (Florence, Miss.) and Joey Brinson (Phoenix, Ariz.) both earned finishes in the top 16 at the Lonato Wheelchair World Cup in Italy over the weekend.

Competing in the Category B epee division on Saturday, Brinson won three of five bouts in the pools and Estep made the cut for the direct elimination table with a 1-4 record.

In the table of 32, Estep won his first bout over Vlademir Poleshchuk (RUS), 15-10, but lost in the table of 16 to Chik Sum Tam (HKG), 15-11, to finish 16th.

Brinson entered the table as an 11th seed and was given a bye for the first round. In his next bout, Brinson lost to Amar Ali (IRQ), 15-1. Amar later went on to win the bronze medal and Brinson finished 13th.

Brinson also advanced to the table of 16 in the Category B saber division on Sunday where he placed 15th after a first-round loss to Alexandr Kurzin (RUS) who won the bronze medal.

Estep competed in the Category B foil division as well where he placed 17th overall. Estep won two of five bouts in the pools to qualify for the table of 32 where he lost to Gzregorz Lewonowski (POL).

Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Men’s Category A Foil
1. Ru Yi Ye (CHN)
2. Damien Tokatlian (FRA)
3. Lei Zhang (CHN)
3. Artur Yusupov (RUS)
5. Chao Chen (CHN)
6. Yi Jun Chen (CHN)
7. Yan Fei Duan (CHN)
8. Stefan Makowski (POL)

43. Corbin Beu (Phoenix, Ariz.)
44. Dennis Aspy (Woodstock, Ga.)

Men’s Category B Foil
1. Dao Liang Hu (CHN)
2. Alim Latreche (FRA)
3. Laurent Francoise (FRA)
3. Pal Szekeres (HUN)
5. Marat Yusupov (RUS)
6. Anton Datsko (UKR)
7. Piotre Czop (POL)
8. David Doisy (FRA)

17. Ryan Estep (Florence, Miss.)

Women’s Category A Foil
1. Zsuzsa Krajnyak (HUN)
2. Pui Shan Fan (HKG)
3. Sabrina Poignet (FRA)
3. Eugeniya Sycheva (RUS)
5. Loredana Trigilia (ITA)
6. Delphine Bernard (FRA)
7. Elena Chervyakova (RUS)
8. Aliona Halkina (BLR)

24. Sonya Perduta (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Women’s Category B Foil
1. Simone Briese-Baedke (GER)
2 Marta Makowska (POL)
3. Liudmila Vasilueva (RUS)
3. Judit Palfi (HON)
5. Alesia Makrytskaya (BLR)
6. Iryna Lukyanenko (UKR)
7. Irina Mishurova (RUS)
8. Liudmila Lemiaskevich (BLR)

Men’s Team Foil
1. China
2. Hong Kong
3. Poland
4. Ukraine
5. France
6. Hungary
7. Russia
8. Italy

11. USA

Women’s Team Foil
1. Russia
2. Hungary
3. Poland
4. France
5. Great Britain

Men’s Category A Epee
1. Jian Quan Tian (CHN)
2. Yan Fei Duan (CHN)
3. Lei Zhang (CHN)
3. Romain Noble (FRA)
5. Matteo Betti (ITA)
6. Dariusz Pender (POL)
7. Chao Chen (CHN)
8. Tamas Juhasz (HUN)

44. Corbin Beu (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Men’s Category B Epee
1. Mikalai Bezyazychny (BLR)
2. Marc Cratere (FRA)
3. Maxime Valet (FRA)
3. Amar Ali (IRQ)
5. Chik Sum Tam (HKG)
6. Grzegorz Pluta (POL)
7. Viktar Lemiaskevich (BLR)
8. Dao Lian Hu (CHN)

13. Joey Brinson (Phoenix, Ariz.)
16. Ryan Estep (Florence, Miss.)

Women’s Category A Epee
1. Zsuzsa Krajnyak (HUN)
2. Sabrina Poignet (FRA)
3. Alla Gorlina (UKR)
3. Pui Shan Fan (HKG)
5. Yulia Efimova (RUS)
6. Delphine Bernard (FRA)
7. Veronika Juhasz (HUN)
8. Loredana Trigilia (ITA)

25. Sonya Perduta (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Women’s Category B Epee
1. Simone Briese-Baedke (GER)
2. Tetiana Pozniak (UKR)
3. Marta Makowska (POL)
3. Cecile Demaude (FRA)
5. Liudmila Vailueva (RUS)
6. Iryna Lukyanenko (UKR)
7. Alesia Makrytskaya (BLR)
8. Irina Mishurova (RUS)

Men’s Category A Saber
1. Yi Jun Chen (CHN)
2. Romain Noble (FRA)
3. JIan Quan Tian (CHN)
3. Ru Yi Ye (CHN)
5. Geraeimos Pylarinos (GRE)
6. Wing Kin Chan (HKG)
7. Moez El Assine (FRA)
8. TImur Faizulin (RUS)

24. Dennis Aspy (Woodstock, Ga.)

Men’s Category B Saber
1. Laurent Francoise (FRA)
2. Anton Datsko (UKR)
3. Alexandr Kurzin (RUS)
3. Pierre Mainville (CAN)
5. Marc Cratere (FRA)
6. Marat Yusupov (RUS)
7. Panagiotis Triantafyllou (GRE)
8. Timur Khamatshin (RUS)

15. Joey Brinson (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Women’s Category A Saber
1. Irina Vidrashko (RUS)
2. Anastasiya Pavlova (RUS)
3. Albina Kuramshina (RUS)
3. Renata Burdon (POL)
5. Vanessa Siegel (GER)

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