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Four Tournaments, Three Gold

12/14/2010, 2:13am CST
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13 December 2010
Four competitions, three golds
US Cadets carried away both golds from a double men’s and women’s saber European Cadet Circuit (ECC) in Goeppingen, Germany over the weekend, plus gold, silver and bronze from an ECC foil event in France.
Eli Dershwitz (15, Sherborn, Mass./Zeta Fencing) won the gold over a large field of sabrists from countries including Russia, Poland, France, Germany and more, and Peter Pak (15, Roslyn, N.Y./Manhattan FC) won a bronze. Erica Zhao (15, Plano, Texas/Dallas FC) won the women’s event, and Lena Johnson (16, Peachtree City, Ga./Nellya) placed fifth. Four more US cadet women and three more men reached the top 32.
In Cabries, France, Nobuo Bravo (16, San Francisco, Calif./Massialas) won a large ECC men’s foil event; Nicole McKee (16, Valley Stream, N.Y./Fencers Club) and Sabrina Massialas (13, San Francisco, Calif./Massialas) won silver and bronze, respectively in the women’s individual foil events.
As in Germany, US cadets were a powerful presence in the venue, placing six in the top 32 of the men’s event and one in the women’s.
About USA Fencing: The United States Fencing Association is the recognized National Governing Body for the sport of fencing in the United States. The USFA is affiliated with the Féderation Internationale d'Escrime (FIE), the international federation for fencing. USA Fencing is based at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. For more visit, or
Weekend of December 12-13, 2010
European Cadet Circuit, Men’s Foil
Cabries, France,  Dec. 12-13, 2010
190 competitors
1. Bravo, Nobuo (USA)
2. Molinaro, Romain (FRA)
3. Valerov, Alexey (RUS)
3. Laviolette, Gil-Andre (FRA)
5. Bergman, Harrison (USA)
6. Mourrain, Baptiste (FRA)
7. Ito, Makoto (JPN)
8. Matsuyama, Kyosuke (JPN)
9. Elkassas, Adam (USA)
13. Avendano, John Philippe (USA)
16. Mathieu, Adam (USA)
18. Woo, Michael (USA)
19. Lee, Justin (USA)
32. Haglund, George (USA)
38. Schlossberg, Ira (USA)
43. Kiefer, Axel (USA)
47. Chen, Raymond (USA)
52. Ishizuka, Jin (USA)
71. Gou, Jarred (USA)
76. Holley, Daniel (USA)
77. Emge, Spicer (USA)
104. Mageras, Stephen (USA)
112. di Capua, Christopher A (USA)
129. Chen, Jeffrey (USA)
European Cadet Circuit Women’s Foil
Cabries, France, Dec. 12-13, 2010
122 competitors
1. Ranvier, Pauline (FRA)
2. Mckee, Nicole (USA)
3. Massialas, Sabrina (USA)
3. Jubenot, Chloe (FRA)
5. Rouas, Maud (FRA)
6. Cellerova, Michala (SVK)
7. Zakarani, Youssra (FRA)
8. Mpah-Njanga, Jeromine (FRA)
28. Crum, Quinn (USA)
37. Yamin, Jennifer (USA)
41. Laffey, Jessie (USA)
46. Mattos, Caroline (USA)
55. Goldstein, Mikela (USA)
58. Yamin, Liana (USA)
72. Northrop, Kate (USA)
78. Chan, Stephanie (USA)
79. Lalezarian, Amanda (USA)
86. Isabella, Chung (USA)
European Cadet Circuit Men’s Saber
Goeppingen, Germany, December 11-13, 2010
186 competitors
1. Dershwitz, Eli (USA)
2. Singer, Martin (HUN)
3. Pak, Peter (USA)
3. Seitz, Tom (FRA)
5. Varenne, Victor (FRA)
6. Paskov, Pancho (BUL)
7. Staszak, Artur (POL)
8. Andreev, Ilya (RUS)
15. Loss, Geoffrey (USA)
20. French, Martin (USA)
25. Buchwalk, Isaac (USA)
36. Hallsten, John (USA)
37. Streets, Kaito (USA)
38. Monti, Christopher (USA)
49. Dukhvalov, Denis (USA)
68. Palabrica, Alex Rey (USA)
78. Pukal, Bartosz (USA)
90. Costin, Michael (USA)
European Cadet Circuit, Women’s Saber
Goeppingen, Germany, Dec. 11-13, 2010
169 competitors
1. Zhao, Erica (USA)
2. Boudad, Kenza (FRA)
3. Taharo, Mathilda (FRA)
3. Sukhova, Tatiana (RUS)
5. Johnson, Lena (USA)
6. Prokuda, Olena (UKR)
7. Itzkowitz, Aliya (GBR)
8. Bolshakova, Valeria (RUS)
10. Kulmacz, Claudia (USA)
15. Oh, Cindy (USA)
18. Major, Desirae (USA)
31. Gomez, Alisha (USA)
33. Palmedo, Sage (USA)
36. Russo, sca (USA)
37. Mcdonald, Margaret (USA)
67. Lee, Allison (USA)
68. Ruaux, Emily (GBR)
81. Sharahy, Annabel (USA)
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