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Jung Donates $1.25 Million To The Stanford Varsity Fencing Program!

03/31/2010, 12:41pm CDT
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News Release For Immediate Release    March 29, 2010
Contact:  Melody Lowman, Vice President of Outreach: (650) 493-7707,

Mr. Jimi Jung (‘04) Makes A Generous $1.25 Million Dollar Donation
To The Stanford Varsity Fencing Program!

The Stanford Fencing coaches and the Stanford Fencing Association announced today a $1.25 million dollar donation from Engineering Graduate School alumnus, Jimi Jung, a saber fencer and the owner of Lourus Enterprise Co. Ltd and the Lourus Fencing Club of the Republic of Korea (ROK). The generous donation represents a five-year commitment of the varsity fencing team’s operating expenses and supports the continued existence of Stanford’s 119 year old varsity fencing program.

As a result of the economic downturn that has affected the university and the country over the past year, Stanford's Varsity Fencing program became self-funding effective this current academic year. Upon learning of the program’s fundraising need, Mr. Jung who has a great passion for education and fencing, committed to cover the Varsity Fencing team’s operation expenses for this year and the next 4 years to allow time to raise the $5- $8 million dollar endowment needed to sustain the fencing program indefinitely. A joyful celebration of Mr. Jung’s gift to the 119 year old, prize-winning fencing program is being held on March 29, 2010 when Mr. Jung visits Stanford. The Stanford Fencing Association, invigorated by Mr. Jung’s very generous pledge, is committed to continue its campaign to raise awareness of Stanford’s Varsity Fencing and to seek financial contributions in support of the operating budget and to fund the fencing endowment.
About Mr. Jimi Jung (’04)

CEO and founder of Lourus & Education Co. Ltd., Lourus Sports Management Company, Ltd. and Lourus Fencing Club in the Republic of Korea (ROK), Mr. Jung is an Alumnus of Stanford Graduate School of Engineering and a saber fencer who stays informed and involved with Stanford academic and athletic programs. Mr. Jung was also Program Director for the Georgia Tech Environmental Engineering Research Internship Program (GTEERIP), the author of ‘Fat Envelope Secrets on Top US Colleges’ published by Luxmedia, and a Presidential guard for former President Kim.

Stanford Varsity Fencing Program
Fencing has been a sport at Stanford University for the past 119 years. Stanford ranks in the top10 fencing schools in the country and its highly competitive collegiate fencing program has produced Olympians, members of world championship teams, national champions, all-Americans and NCAA champions and medalists. Stanford fencing has a rich and decorated history. For more information, go to:

About the Stanford Fencing Association*
An organization of fencers associated with Stanford University and their supporters, past, present and future, the Stanford Fencing Association was created as an extension to the “Save Stanford Fencing Campaign” to promote and support fencing, a tradition at Stanford University since 1891. Its mission is to build a community based on the legacy of Stanford fencing.
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