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Sarah Waller Wins Epee Bronze at Junior Pan American Championships

02/12/2013, 11:45pm CST
By Nicole Jomantas

Sarah Waller (far right) receives her bronze medal in junior women's epee. Photo credit: Jen Yamin.

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Sixteen-year-old Sarah Waller (McKinney, Texas) earned her second top-eight finish of the week when she won bronze at the Junior Pan American Championships in Ponce, Puerto Rico on Saturday.

Waller, who placed fifth in the cadet epee event on Wednesday, was seeded 11th out of the pools in the junior competition.

After a bye out of the table of 32, Waller defeated her U.S. teammate Azaline Dunlap-Smith (Machias, Maine), 15-10, in the table of 16.

Waller won her next bout over Andree-Anne Paquet (CAN), 15-10, in the quarter-finals, but lost in the semifinals to Isabel Di Tella (ARG), 15-5. Di Tella, the sixth-ranked junior women’s epee fencer in the world, went on to win gold.

Kimberly Young (Gilbert, Ariz.), the only U.S. athlete in the tournament to fence two weapons, placed eighth in junior women’s saber on Friday, but lost her table of 32 bout in junior women’s epee and finished 18th on Saturday.

Sixteen-year-old David Hadler (San Francisco, Calif.) won gold in the cadet men’s foil event on Wednesday, but fell short of the final rounds in the junior competition on Saturday.

Hadler defeated teammate Jake Shulman (Upper Saddle River, N.J.) in the table of 32, but lost to Marc-Antoine Brodeur (CAN), 15-12, and finished in 12th place.

Zachary Feldman (Princeton, N.J.) also lost his table of 16 bout. Feldman was eliminated by Octavio Martinez-Ramirez (MEX), 15-7, and finished 14th.

Competition also was held in the cadet women’s saber event, but Team USA did not have entrants.

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Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Junior Women’s Epee Pan American Championships
1. Isabel Di Tella (ARG)
2. Diamelys Gonzalez Sandoval (CUB)
3. Sarah Waller (McKinney, Texas)
3. Malinka Hoppe (CAN)
5. Andree-Anne Paquet (CAN)
6. Maria Josefina Duenas-Nicolau (ARG)
7. Amanda Simeao (BRA)
8. Vanessa Lacas-Warrick (CAN)

10. Azaline Dunlap-Smith (Machias, Maine)
18. Kimberly Young (Gilbert, Ariz.)

Junior Men’s Foil Pan American Championships
1. Jorge Rojas Pinero (PUR)
2. Cesar Aguirre (VEN)
3. Marc-Antoine Brodeur (CAN)
3. Nicholas Gaviria (COL)
5. Octavio Martinez-Ramirez (MEZ)
6. Alastair Keyes (CAN)
7. Iker Fermin Izurieta (ARG)
8. Hector J. Cruz-Jimenez (PUR)

12. David Hadler (San Francisco, Calif.)
14. Zachary Feldman (Princeton, N.J.)
21. Jake Shulman (Upper Saddle River, N.J.)

Cadet Women’s Saber Pan American Championships
1. Tania Arrayales (MEX)
2. Veronique Lamarre (CAN)
3. Avdill Marie Colon (PUR)
3. Julieta Toledo (MEX)
5. Linda Ibeth Gonzalez-Castellanos (COL)
6. Frederique Bourget (CAN)
7. Angelica Camacho (PUR)
8. Cassandra De Jesus (PUR)


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