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Columbus Clash: June 29

06/25/2013, 10:00pm CDT


PRESS RELEASE COURTESY OF: Mark Lawrence | Battle of the Swords | 770-852-6900 |

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Featuring 2013 National Champion Miles Chamley-Watson, 2012 Olympic Champion Ruben Limardo Gascon and More!

Columbus – The SwordSport Battle of the Swords ® (BOTS®) Championship presents the Columbus Clash at 7.30 p.m. on June 29th at the Greater Columbus Convention Center Center’s Hall D, during the USA National Fencing Championships, which take place from June 28th – July 7th.  

BOTS is making strides as one of the first companies in the United States to offer fencing as a premium sports and entertainment property, that can be enjoyed live or as a pay-per-view event.  This fencing exhibition launches a series of top class fencing battles that will display agility, elegance and power for new and existing fencing fans.  The Columbus Clash will feature Ruben Limardo Gascon (Venezuela - 2012 Olympic Champion, #1 in the World); Soren Thompson (USA - Member of World Champion Epee Team, 2 time Individual Pan-American Champion, and  2001 NCAA Champion); Nzingha Prescod (USA – 4 time Junior and Cadet World Champion, Marseilles Grand Prix Champion, #7 in the World);  Alexander Massialas (USA – 6 time Junior and Cadet World Champion, 2013 NCAA Champion; #9 in the World) and 6 other world class fencers in one of America’s first international fencing prize competitions, with up-to-the-minute details about the event and upcoming activities available at

USA Fencing has always hosted National Championships, which draws the top American fencing talent, but the BOTS Columbus Clash is one of the first events designed to deliver top global athletes in an audience-friendly format, with proceeds benefiting USA Fencing.


Once considered a niche sport, Fencing has become one of the top global “Breakout” sports of the decade.  It combines superior athleticism, dexterity, and wit with a rich history that predates the Modern Olympic Games.  “When the American Fencing Event of the Summer lands at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, my hometown will never be the same,” notes National Champion, Donald K. Anthony Jr. whose SwordSport is sponsoring the BOTS’ first event.  “The event will partner with the USA Fencing Summer National Championships delivering $5M to the Columbus economy and significantly boosting the exposure and popularity of the sport across the state.  It will become a kick-off to the  series of Fencing competitions and exposure opportunities to the area youth and adults alike,” continues Anthony, who started fencing as an 8-year-old and went on to become a world class fencer, Ivy League graduate, businessman, entrepreneur, President and Chairman of USA Fencing.  


One of the premier destinations for sports events in the United States, Columbus is seeking to become the “fencing capital of the country” in the next few years starting with the 2013 National Championships and North American Cup.  In 2014 and 2015, Ohio State University will host the NCAA Fencing Championships for the fourth and fifth time in seven years (2008, 2011 and 2012). The Buckeyes were the NCAA Champions in 2012. The nationally-renown Steelwood Athletic Training Facility, home to the Ohio State Team, boasts one of the largest fencing centers in the country with 14 electric strips and approximately 8,800-square feet of training space.


“We’re excited to bring fencing to audiences that have not had the opportunity to benefit from all the physical and mental attributes the sport has to offer.  It is truly a sports entertainment treasure,” said Battle of the Swords Managing Partner Mark E. Lawrence. “Because it is not as accessible as some other sports, our mission is to educate the public and share its wonderful attributes and I am proud to launch BOTS in my home state.”


“Columbus is thrilled to host the BOTS launch event and further build our story as the fencing capital of the country,” said Greater Columbus Sports Commission Executive Director Linda Shetina Logan. “We are proud of our strong fencing tradition, our local fencing clubs, and along with the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the new Hilton Columbus Downtown as host hotel and our entire hospitality community, welcome BOTS competitors and fans.”


“Fencing growth in Columbus is not just good business and wonderful exercise, but it is great for our community.  Because of its unique blend of agility, competitiveness and strategy, fencing enthusiasts also tend to be good thinkers, who are successful contributors in their schools, communities, businesses, and life,” notes Mayor Michael B. Coleman, who recently tried fencing for the first time.  “If it’s good enough for Mark Zuckerberg, it’s good enough for me,” he continued with a chuckle, referencing the founder of Facebook who fenced competitively in high school and remains a follower of the sport.  


BOTS is a global Fencing promotion and sports entertainment property, which produces competitive events worldwide and is produced by Lawrence Marketing Associates, benefitting USA Fencing and local fencing clubs across America.  BOTS offers a premier series of well-organized events that appeal to new participants, current enthusiasts, and spectators.  It was developed to elevate Fencing as an American and global sports property with unprecedented visibility, branding, and popularity.


SwordSport, LLC, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with an office in Brooklyn, NY, produces content and promotes the sport of Fencing by providing access to this unique world of combat through events, programs, clubs, and interactive multimedia.  SwordSport sells the mystique of Fencing and packages the sport so new audiences and participants get the experience and benefits they want from an entertaining fitness activity.  


The Greater Columbus Sports Commission (GCSC) was formed in June 2002 to provide leadership, guidance and marketing expertise towards the region being recognized as a premier sports destination in attracting state, regional, national and international sporting events and activities to bolster Greater Columbus economically through visitor spending. In the last decade, the GCSC has bid on and brought more than 240 new sporting events to Columbus that have generated an estimated $285 million in visitor spending, while also working to retain annual bid events that have generated an additional $200 million. 

Contact:    Mark Lawrence | Battle of the Swords | 770-852-6900 |


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