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2013 / 2014 International Season Update

07/26/2013, 4:15pm CDT
By Kate Reisinger

2013/2014 International Season Update

The USA Fencing international designated events for 2013/2014 are now available at

Designated competitions are those selected by the National Coach of each weapon and reviewed by the USFA Sports Performance and Development Director, as competitions that are most suited to the goals of the weapon program in developing world-class fencers. Designated International Cadet Competitions are restricted to Cadet fencers. Designated international competitions are generally categorized as Group II competitions in the formula for computing points for the National Rolling and Team Point standings.

Prior to registering for these events, please take a look at our “How To” that will answer questions you may have about the registration process.

The 2013/2014 Athlete Handbook is currently undergoing final approval and will be posted on as soon as possible.  The Athlete Handbook is an excellent resource for all USA Fencing members and will include very specific details regarding international competitions.  Selection criteria for the 2013-2014 season is available at:

In the meantime, here are a few important details that will help you through the process:

  • Registration for Cadet/Junior Designated competitions will open August 1, 2013.  Registration for Senior Designated competitions will open November 1, 2013
  • When you register online for an international competition, you are telling USA Fencing that you would like to be considered for selection.  This does not mean that you are selected, so please do not purchase an airline ticket until you receive selection notification from USA Fencing.
  • All fencers will need a 2013/2014 FIE or EFC (Cadet) License to compete in the upcoming season.  You must apply for a License at: athletes please submit your License application no later than August 15, 2013.EFC/FIE entry cannot be completed without a current license.
  • Fencers must be United States citizens, in possession of a US Passport, and eligible to represent the United States by the regular entry deadline to compete in Designated Cadet, Junior World Cup, Senior World Cup, Grand Prix individual and team competitions, and to be selected for teams to World Championships, Pan American Zonal Championships, Youth Olympic Games, and the Olympic Games.
  • Permanent Residents or individuals in the process of obtaining US citizenship may request entry for international competition. US citizens will have priority in the selection process for designated international competition.  Documentation regarding obtaining US citizenship or copy of Permanent Resident card must be submitted to with the FIE/EFC License application and/or request for entry into any FIE or EFC competition.
  • USFA athletes can earn international points towards the national point standings only from results achieved at the designated international competitions. USFA athletes will not earn points towards the national point standings from results achieved at non- designated international competitions.
  • Eligibility for entry in a Cadet Designated, World Cup or Grand Prix is determined by the USFA point standings as of the USFA regular entry deadline. Entry deadlines for each international competition for each weapon are The selection date is normally the day after the regular entry deadline. Results that change the point standings between the selection deadline and the competition have no effect on the selection or order of alternates.
  • In order to compete in Junior and Senior World Cups, Senior Grand Prix, Satellite, or non-designated competitions an athlete must be a current competitive member (expiration date July 31, 2014 or later), have a valid FIE License (2013-2014), and meet specific eligibility criteria.



Eligible to compete

Maximum Selected

Senior Grand Prix

Top 24 S, Top 12 J

8 fencers allowed by FIE

Senior World Cups

12 fencers allowed by the FIE

Junior World Cups

Top 24 J, Top 12 C

12 fencers allowed by the FIE

Non-Designated Junior

Any fencer on the Junior Rolling Point

Standings 30 days prior to the competition

Maximum of 4 accepted


Any fencer on the Senior Rolling Point standings 30 days prior to competition.

Maximum of 4 accepted

Cadet Designated

Any fencer on the Cadet Rolling Point standings at the entry deadline.

20 fencers allowed by EFC

Non-Designated Cadet

Any fencer on Cadet Rolling Point standings 30 days prior to competition

Maximum of 4 accepted

Junior World Cup in US

Any fencer on the Junior Rolling Point

Standings at the entry deadline

up to 30 fencers based on ranking at the time of selection plus additional to make up the pools (o.78.2)

Senior World Cup in US

Any fencer on the Senior Rolling Point

Standings at the entry deadline

up to 30 fencers based on ranking at the time of selection plus additional to make up the pools (o.78.2)

Grand Prix in US

Any fencer on the Senior Rolling Point

Standings at the entry deadline

12 fencers plus up to 20 to make up the pools (o.79)

S –Senior Point Standings   J – Junior Point Standings   C – Cadet Point Standings

To be considered “on the point standings”, fencers must have at least 275, 165, or 110 points (senior, junior, cadet respectively) of which there is at least one top 32 domestic or international result.

Entry Procedures 

Entries will only be accepted ONLINE through RailStation ( by the entry deadline for each international competition. 

  • All entries must be received by the posted deadlines no later than 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time. USA Fencing will accept  LATE ENTRIES for international competitions ONLY IF request is made online and accompanied by a valid $500 non-refundable late fee PLUS applicable Junior/Cadet $250 Squad fee PLUS $30 registration or $500 non-refundable late fee PLUS Senior $30 registration fee, selection will only be granted if space is available. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ENTRIES BE ACCEPTED 14 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COMPETITION.
  • When an athlete registers late, the athlete will only be considered after the exhaustion of the waitlist at the time of selection.  Athletes who register late will be notified of selection the next business day after the posted late entry deadline; selection will be based on the rankings used for regular fee selection.
  • When fencers register for an international competition in RailStation, they are stating that, if selected, they will compete in that competition. Withdrawals must be received no later than the entry deadline for that competition. Failure to withdraw by the posted deadline will result in fines as described below plus any fines levied by the FIE.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Squad fees are due at the time of registration.
  • Squad fees, collected to defray the costs of sending referees to international events, are not refundable even if withdrawal is submitted in a timely fashion.
  • Squad fees will be refunded to those athletes who are not selected for that competition. 

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