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Show The Power of You

12/01/2015, 6:30pm CST
By Grant Jones

Your Gift is Matched! Show the Power of You on Giving Tuesday

Earlier this year, I met a young fencer from the northeast. Just barely a teen, this athlete has faced numerous health challenges in his young life, including multiple tumors and hearing, vision and coordination impairments. 

It was during a hospital visit that he was introduced to fencing. While watching the Addams Family movie, he saw Uncle Fester and Gomez dueling - and he was hooked. He began training at his local club and has been fencing for over five years.

Without fencing in his life, the teen told me that he would have struggled. With fencing in his life, he has gained independence, decision-making skills, and developed a noble character. Plus, he said, when he dons his fencing mask, he looks and feels like every other competitor on the strip

I wanted to introduce you to this athlete to show you, and remind you, of the immense power that fencing has on the lives within our sport. As you know from being involved in the sport, fencing is a lifestyle, a passion, an activity, and a devotion all wrapped into one. Fencing is the Power of You.

That's why today, on Giving Tuesday, USA Fencing is asking members and participants to support the sport of fencing in the United States. Let's unite as a community and contribute to the cause of continuing to grow the sport and support participants like the youth fencer above.

And we have great news today: We just received a $5,000 matching gift from a fencing enthusiast from the Board of Directors, which means everyone's donations will be matched until we reach this amount. Your $25 donation becomes $50, your $100 donation becomes $200, and so on. 

When you give today, double your donation and double the impact!

When you give to USA Fencing, your tax-deductible contribution truly does make an impact. Here are just five of the many areas that your generosity will support in the coming year and season:

  • Grassroots Fencing:  USA Fencing supports youth fencing across the country and engages new athletes to participate, love and excel in the sport of fencing. 
  • Competitions:  From youth to veteran fencing, sanctioned competitions - including regional, national, and international events - provide age-appropriate and high-level competitive opportunities for successful fencer development. 
  • Referee and Coaching Education:  USA Fencing is creating new education development and resource materials to establish formal coaching, referee standards, and training levels. 
  • Member and Club Resources:  Members and clubs are the lifeblood of USA Fencing. Sponsor partnerships provide member discounts, while brand materials and new toolkits will help promote and grow fencing clubs. 
  • Team USA Fencing:  For elite athletes in our sport, including Olympic and Paralympic Team members, USA Fencing provides pre-Games support (training, camps, travel, and medical treatment) to ensure our athletes remain healthy and maximize medal potential while representing the United States in international competitions.

Like any good competitor, we have a goal. Today, we have set a Giving Tuesday objective of reaching $5,000 in financial support from you - the fencing community. This $5,000 would be matched by our generous donor for a total of $10,000 to support fencing in America. With the thousands of fencers who thrive in our sport, our hope is to surpass our goal. All it takes is a gift from you to make this happen.

Click here to support USA Fencing today and have your donation doubled to maximize the value of your gift on the fencing community.

Truly, the Power of You can make a big difference. Giving Tuesday is all about celebrating generosity, improving our communities, and changing lives. There are thousands of stories like the one we shared that show the impact that fencing makes.

Join us in helping to grow the sport. Give today and show your love for fencing. 


Grant Jones
USA Fencing
Director of Development

P.S. USA Fencing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to USA Fencing are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. 

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