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Team USA Wins Triple Gold in Klagenfurt

11/02/2018, 11:45pm CDT
By Nicole Jomantas

Greta Candreva (second from left) won gold and Sarah Lurye (second from right) earned bronze in Klagenfurt. Photo Credit: Sebastien Dos Santos.

Gold medalist Isaac Herbst with Coach Sergey Danilov. Photo Credit: Sergey Danilov.

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Team USA brought home gold medals in three out of four events at the Klagenfurt Epee Cadet European Cup in Austria over the weekend.

Klagenfurt Epee Cadet European Cup Results

Two members of the 2018 Cadet World Team brought home individual titles on Saturday with Isaac Herbst (Houston, Texas) earning the men’s gold and Greta Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.) taking the women’s title. Candreva was joined on the women’s podium by Sarah Lurye (Chicago, Ill.) and Herbst claimed a second title on Sunday when he led USA 1 to the men’s team title.

A member of the team that won bronze at the Youth Olympic Games earlier in the month, 16-year-old Herbst won his third straight Cadet European Cup medal over the last year and climbed to No. 1 in the Cadet European Standings.

After a bye into the table of 128, Herbst defeated his 16-year-old teammate, Matthew Kozlowski (The Woodlands, Texas), 15-7, and Jakub Jindra (CZE), 15-9.

Herbst fenced 15-year-old Michael Mun (Tustin, Calif.) in the 32, winning the bout, 15-10, and became the only U.S. man to qualify for the top eight after a 15-13 win against Bartosz Kitlinski (POL).

To earn the top spot on the podium, Herbst needed to defeat three straight Italian opponents and he picked them off one by one, besting Francesco Ferrauti, 15-11, in the quarter-finals and Simone Mencarelli, 15-9, in the semifinals before his 15-10 win over top-seeded Enrico Piatti.

Ranked No. 1 in the nation as a cadet, Herbst’s gold medal bolstered his position with a cushion of more than 2,400 points.

In the team event on Sunday, Herbst fenced on USA 1 with three fencers who are each aiming to qualify for the Cadet World Team for the first time in 2019: Ethan Kushnerik (Brooklyn, N.Y.), the reigning Y14 National Champion; Daniel Shifron (Del Mar, Calif.), a cadet bronze medalist at the October North American Cup; and Justin Haddad (Bethesda, Md.), a Y14 silver medalist at the 2017 National Championships.

Seeded ninth, USA 1 defeated Poland 3, 45-29, in the table of 32 and Austria 1, 45-38, before a 45-38 win over top-seeded Italy 1. The Americans defeated Hungary, 45-27, in the semis and dominated in the final as well with a 45-32 win against Italy 2.

In the women’s event on Saturday, Candreva won her fifth career individual Cadet European Cup medal and second gold with six straight pool wins and seven DE victories.

Seeded first in the tournament, Candreva finished pools as the top-ranked fencer as well and dominated her first three DE bouts, defeating Ewelina Sabalska (POL) and Gabriela Truuse (EST) by 15-6 scores before taking a 15-4 win against Arianna Buschini (ITA).

Candreva earned a position in the top-eight after a 15-12 win over 15-year-old Hadley Husisian (Oakton, Va.)

Fencing in her second season the Cadet European circuit, 16-year-old Lurye earned decisive wins in her opening DE bouts over Fabienne Schwenninger (AUT) and Milica Kecman (SRB) by 15-3 and 15-9 scores respectively.

Lurye escaped the 32 with an 8-7 win over Weronika Wiktor (POL) and defeated Italian Carola Maccagno, 15-10, to qualify for her first top-eight finish on the circuit.

Candreva and Lurye each secured positions on the podium with wins over Italians in the quarter-finals as Candreva edged Lucrezia Paulis, 15-14, and Lurye closed out her bout against Chiara De Piccoli, 15-13.

Fifteen-year-old Jessica Lin (Basking Ridge, N.J.) and 16-year-old Sofya Bulavko (Dublin, Calif.) each earned top-eight results for the first time on the circuit.

Both fencers won four bouts in the direct elimination bouts to advance to the quarters where Lin lost to Marzia Cena (ITA), 15-10, and Bulavko missed the podium by one touch after a 15-14 loss to Cristina Constantinescu (ROU).

In the semifinals, Candreva defeated Constantinescu, 15-8, but Lurye lost to Cena, 15-6.

Candreva faced Cena in the final and controlled the bout for a 15-8 win.

With her second international title in the last year, Candreva currently holds the No. 1 position in the National Rolling Point Standings and No. 4 in the Cadet European Standings.

Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Klagenfurt Men’s Individual Epee Cadet European Cup
1. Isaac Herbst (Houston, Texas)

2. Enrico Piatti (ITA)
3. Simone Mencarelli (ITA)
3. Nikita Koshman (UKR)
5. Mykhailo Kublitskyi (UKR)
6. Francesco Ferrauti (ITA)
7. Filippo Armaleo (ITA)
8. Fabrizio Cuomo (ITA)

10. Justin Haddad (Bethesda, Md.)
16. Spencer Vermeule (Cambridge, Mass.)
18. Stafford Moosekian (Los Angeles, Calif.)
24. Ethan Nguyen (Las Vegas, Nev.)
31. Michael Mun (Tustin, Calif.)
32. Skyler Liverant (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
34. Nicholas Lawson (New York, N.Y.)
40. Hagen Zheng (Newton, Mass.)
44. Ethan Kushnerik (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
47. Miles Weiss (Houston, Texas)
52. Mihir Kumashi (Houston, Texas)
64. Daniel Shifron (Del Mar, Calif.)
68. Daniel Gaidar (Staten Island, N.Y.)
70. Gabriel Feinberg (Lincoln, Mass.)
72. David Leigh (Belmont, Mass.)
92. Matthew Kozlowski (The Woodlands, Texas)
99. Aaron Lee (Las Vegas, Nev.)
121. Chandrashekar Jayendra (Allen, Texas)
129. Joshua Shin (Anaheim, Calif.)

Klagenfurt Individual Women’s Epee Cadet European Cup
1. Greta Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.)

2. Marzia Cena (ITA)
3. Sarah Lurye (Chicago, Ill.)
3. Cristina Constantinescu (ROU)
5. Jessica Lin (Basking Ridge, N.J.)
6. Chiara De Piccoli (ITA)
7. Lucrezia Paulis (ITA)
8. Sofya Bulavko (Dublin, Calif.)

11. Jaclyn Khrol (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
12. Hadley Husisian (Oakton, Va.)
17. Amanda Pirkowski (Longwood, Fla.)
18. Michaela Joyce (Sterling, Va.)
20. Yasmine Khamis (Mckinney, Texas)
27. Lyla Choi (New York, N.Y.)
35. Irene Yeu (La Canada, Calif.)
43. Nishta Boys (San Antonio, Texas)
47. Audrey Chu (Palo Alto, Calif.)
51. Ariana Rausch (Houston, Texas)
56. Meghana Paturu (Belle Mead, N.J.)
66. Mina Yamanaka (Floral Park, N.Y.)
76. Aretha Gao (Temple City, Calif.)
102. Pilar Maldonado (San Antonio, Texas)
121. Yunice Pyo (Potomac, Md.)
148. Elena Robles (Newton, Mass.)

Klagenfurt Men’s Team Epee Cadet European Cup
1. USA 1

2. Italy 2
3. Poland 1
4. Hungary 1
5. Italy 1
6. Estonia 1
7. Romania 1
8. Ukraine 2

9. USA 3
12. USA 4
13. USA 2
20. USA 5

Klagenfurt Women’s Epee Team Cadet European Cup
1. Poland 1
2. Italy 1
3. Ukraine 1
4. Italy 3
5. USA 2
6. Belarus
7. USA 5
8. Ukraine 2

9. USA 1
22. USA 3
27. USA 4

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