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Jackie Dubrovich

Riverdale, N.J.

July 18, 1994

Olympic Teams

Event: Foil
Club:New Jersey Fencing Alliance
Coach: Brian Kaneshige
Education: Bachelor's degree from Columbia University in psychology, human rights and Russian literature and culture (2016)

Olympic Teams: 2020

Senior World Championship Teams: 2023, 2022, 2019 (Bronze - Team)

Origin story: "I got involved in fencing because I was too lanky and uncoordinated for dance and gymnastics, both of which I started as my first sports at 6 years old. My cousin fenced in high school and introduced me to the sport when I was 8. At first, I was not immediately in love with it and viewed it more as an obligation because my parents kept pushing me to stick with a sport. As I got older, I became to appreciate fencing for what it is and have been doing it for over two decades."

Why I love fencing: "I love fencing because of how fast-paced, dynamic and cerebral of a sport it is. I also love the raw intensity and emotion that it brings out of me. Every practice and competition brings with it new challenges, and you have to problem-solve in real time and be able to adapt to your opponent's game."

Advice: "My advice is to keep at it. There are more setbacks and obstacles than moments of victory, so keeping your focus and determination constant will enable you to overcome the trials and tribulations that come with succeeding in sport. Also, remember to have fun! It is so easy to forget when you lose or things don't go your way why you sacrifice so much, but always keep reminding yourself about what drives you to keep training and why fencing makes you happy, and it will help you get through the tough moments."

Notable achievements

  • 2022 Silver Medalist, Senior Worlds (team event)
  • Four-time Junior/Cadet Worlds medalist