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Kasia Nixon

Los Angeles, Calif. 

Dec. 15 , 1997

Event: Epee
College: Princeton
Clubs: Peter Westbrook Foundation & Fencers Club 
Coach: Alexey Cheremsky

Senior World Championship Teams: 2019, 2023

Fencing Origin Story: "I started my athletic career as a rhythmic gymnast, like my mom. Unfortunately, I was bullied a lot in gymnastics. Luckily, however, I saw fencing in the room next door and thought that it looked like more fun. Turns out I was right and haven't looked back since!"

Why I Love Fencing: "I love fencing because it is a game of constantly figuring things out and you are always learning something new. It is never boring because there is more than one way to win a bout and the way you win, may not be the way I win."

Advice: "Train hard, listen to your coach, and never give up."

Notable results:

  • Gold medalist, 2023 Pan-American Senior Championships in Peru
  • NCAA Individual Champion (2018, Princeton)