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Tatiana Nazlymov

Bethesda, Md.

Sept. 2, 2004

Event: Saber
Clubs: Nazlymov Fencing Foundation
Education: Princeton 
Coaches: Fikrat Valiyev and Vitali Nazlymov

Senior World Championship Teams:  2023, 2022

Origin story: "Both my father and grandfather were fencers, so when I was little, I would goof around with them at the gym. I've been fencing ever since."

Why I love fencing: "It's such an individual sport, which gives me a sense of freedom. The intense mental and physical preparation makes me the best version of myself."

Advice: "Never focus on results. You can only control your training and how hard you work, everything else will come."

Notable results

  • Gold medalist, 2023 Pan-American Senior Championships (women's saber team)
  • Silver medalist, 2023 Plovdiv Junior Women's Saber World Cup