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Khalil Thompson

Teaneck, N.J.

February 3, 1997


Event: Saber
Club: Peter Westbrook Foundation, Fencers Club
Education: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Olympic Teams: 2020

Senior World Championship Teams: 2022, 2019

Notable Results:

  •  2020 Olympian (Men's Saber)
  •  Three-time national champion, Men's Saber team event (Peter Westbrook Foundation)
  • Two-time member of the Senior World Team (2022, 2019)


Origin Story: "I followed my sister Kamali into the sport, initially taking up fencing as a casual Saturday morning activity. I started with foil but switched to sabre after watching Kamali training in the discipline. It was a completely different weapon than sabre. So, I'm in a foil class, and I'm not even paying attention at all. I'm just watching the sabre fencers, I'm like, 'This is the coolest thing ever'. It's aggressive, it's fast paced. For the older kids, they have the 12:30 [sabre] class, so I'm still there and just sitting there watching in admiration. And the coach comes to me, 'Hey do you want to do this?' I just looked at my mum, 'Can I please do it?' She's like, 'Yes you can do it'. I just stuck with it."

Hobbies: Photography, trying new restaurants.

Most influential people in career: Coaches Peter Westbrook and Akhi Spencer-El, and US fencers Keeth Smart and Daryl Homer. 

Role Model: Keeth Smart